Getting To Know Robert G. Smith, FasterEFT and Eutaptics

Do you remember that rectangular compact case containing yards upon yards of magnetic tape running on reels? Yes, a cassette tape! Well just checking, it is the year 2017 and surely if you are born in the  CDs and DVDs era, you might not be familiar with cassette tapes. I came across a tape series by Anthony Robbins called, “Unlimited Power” during the 1990‘s.

I remember during that time I was struggling with my marriage. I was drawn to his teachings and began applying it to my life and I was surprised to see results! From there precipitated my strong interest in Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. I was seeking a qualified trainer and was lucky to find one in Oklahoma City.

Looking back now, I am amazed how the desire to help my wife and my marriage drew me closer to my higher purpose; making a difference in the world with a genuine desire to help others create positive life transformations.

It was a very long journey full of joyful learning and random struggles, but I was lucky to gravitate towards people and events that pointed me towards learning how the mind works and its influence in making profound changes in the quality of life we individually live.

I discovered EFT through my efforts to further my NLP studies, and from there I began applying the knowledge I acquired. I remember Amanda, the very first person I tapped on who was struggling with her fear of heights, and we tapped it away! Ever since then, Amanda’s secured a spot on my gratitude list, for it was my success with her that propelled me to become more eager about tapping. In fact, from then on, I would tap on anyone who would let me. Witnessing a person overcome their problems is such a rewarding experience for me. I just couldn’t stop tapping.

Within a short span of time, I found myself being drawn more and more into healing and wellness. I enrolled in massage therapy school to become better informed about the mind-body connection. This furthered my eagerness to learn more than what I already knew about EFT, NLP and other modalities I had been interested in. I began to observe and notice problems in other people that EFT alone couldn’t seem able to solve.

Since school is the perfect place to evaluate my ideas and carry out other techniques I was enthusiastic about. I went ahead and diligently practiced with other people. It was at this time I discovered the value of resistance and it changed my entire view of life and all the problems in it. In discovering resistance I found the key to any and all problems. In other words, when you find resistance, you have found the problem.

I prioritized my desire to learn and heal above everything else. It was the idea behind the power of the mind that intrigued me the most and I consumed the works of Dr. Larry Nims’ ‘Four Tapping Process’ and also dug deeper into learning more about NLP, EFT, BSFF Psych-K, Touch and Breathe, TFT and volumes of books discussing the human mind, body and also the essence of spirituality. I would read from various angles, contrasting beliefs across science, religion, culture and philosophies.

I used many of the materials and knowledge I possessed as my working hypothesis in search of what truly works. The amount of techniques presented by the many models of healing I have learned is quite a lot. To say one system works in its entirety is difficult to claim and I found myself distilling the most effective elements among the systems that really interested.

Pieces of the puzzle began to fit, and in time FasterEFT began to take form. What I considered back then, to be an unassertive result of my motivation to help, heal and learn.

From FasterEFT emanated the essence of healing as I discovered through my studies of the various systems. It slowly became recognized separately from where it was originally derived, establishing its own name in the world of wellness and healing. Since I only consider myself a humble student of the masters whose work I have encountered, practiced and learned from, I was convinced that I was practicing mostly EFT for many years, although my methods and beliefs in healing were a combination of many different schools of thought.

I coined the term FasterEFT, noticing that my results were faster than traditional EFT. I soon faced the truth that I was, in fact, creating a new modality beyond my intentions. I am thankful for everyone who recognized the value of what I have created and even more grateful to those who spoke of it highly and put it into practice.

My journey towards becoming a distinguished speaker and life coach began in the early 2000‘s in Oklahoma City, where I began presenting the modality I had unwittingly created. Those years were humbling but very rewarding. It was in 2008 when 10 students gathered for my very first Level I training, a small class that rapidly grew in size.


By the year 2016, the classes had grown bigger and had become recognized in many places outside the United States. This gave me an opportunity to travel and expand my reach in helping other people. At the infancy of my learning, before the fire in me began blazing, I would have never thought this journey would have brought me here.

The splendor one may discover by learning the true nature of the mind and its power over the reality of life we produce keeps me motivated to learn. I am always hungry to discover and develop new ways to help anyone who is in a state of suffering.

All changes begin in the mind – a solid idea I wish to share through all of my work to this generation and those to come. The new techniques I incorporated to FasterEFT, made it a powerful system and reached yet another peak.

Emerging from FasterEFT is Eutaptics, a system that will make you live happier, love deeper, live healthier and begin creating a wealth. I feel so blessed that after so many years of learning and practice, I can give even more to the world.

To all who followed my work, to the practitioners and even to my naysayers, thank you! Without all of you who supported me, without those who believed in me and even those who challenged me,  I wouldn’t be able to help mankind at this level.

Thank you, for helping me create a difference, one tap at a time!

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