Discover the 10 Benefits of FasterEFT for Emotional Healing and Well Being


FasterEFT helps us identify our problems from the very core. Emotional distress can manifest into our life experience in so many ways. However, we often do not recognize the root of this emotional distress. Today, emotional distress comes into our experience in the form of:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Addictions
  3. Unproductive obsessions
  4. Unwanted compulsions
  5. Repetitive self-destructing behaviors
  6. Physical ailments
  7. Boredom
  8. Anger
  9. Bleak
  10. Agitated moods

Stress relief programs and medications has been marketed in so many ways. In fact, it is among the biggest industry in the world. The most common ways to address the issues in the list above to aid in emotional healing is through the use of medications or through talk therapy.

Then comes in FasterEFT that resolves the issues from where it is deeply rooted within our unconsciousness. No wonder there are so many good testimonials from people who have tried FasterEFT because it sets aside aggressive treatments using drugs.


Here are the 10 Benefits of FasterEFT for Emotional Healing based on the 10 disorders mentioned above:

1.      Getting Rid of Anxiety and Worry

People going through extreme anxiety means that their bodies are in an emergency stress state. Cortisol and adrenaline are the stress hormones responsible for the flight or fight system. These hormones are very important in times of real emergencies.

But in the case of anxiety, the mind dictates the body to go on emergency-mode with no actual dangers in the surroundings. Therefore, resulting in elevated heart rate, sweaty palms and other physical attributes of someone experiencing danger. In short, the body reacts in a way there are physical threats, when no actual threats exist.

FasterEFT will not only calm a person who is experiencing anxiety disorders. In fact, it will help eliminate an anxiety disorder by uprooting the cause that is being held within the subconscious. FasterEFT’s tapping technique can make permanent changes to the records within the subconscious mind.

This will cease the brain to stop alerting the body and put it in emergency state. A step-by-step process to calm an anxious mind is described in How to Get rid of Anxiety Using FasterEFT.

2.      Addictions

In FasterEFT’s model of the mind, it doesn’t subscribe to the belief that addiction is a disease, but rather the cause of poor emotional coping.

People who are going through severe addiction share similar painful and difficult experiences. The psychological and emotional trauma caused by these experiences makes it difficult for the person to cope.

Faster EFT believes that the person turning to substances and other addictive behavior is just a way for them to temporarily get numb or preoccupy their minds. In many cases an individual is not really addicted to a particular substance but just trying to escape reality.

Severe addiction of any kind is very harmful anybody, that is why FasterEFT’s approach to deal with the root cause of addiction within the subconscious is a sure way to eradicate addiction without invasive treatment. Success rate of getting rid of addiction through Faster EFT is much higher than other forms of rehabilitation.

3.      Unproductive Obsessions

Today, it is easier to develop unproductive obsessions because of the availability of so many things that can easily distract us. For example, a smartphone packed with features and applications to distract us from the idea and feeling bored.

Social media is another obsession, not only is an unproductive obsession at times, more often than not, it takes us to feel negative over some issues.

In FasterEFT, unproductive obsessions are simply a form of coping mechanism of the mind to preoccupy an emotional distress. Obsessions that already takes away our time that must be focused on important matters in life are obsessions that must be stopped.

Faster EFT addresses the emotional distress that is rooted deep within the layers of our unconsciousness. Tapping away these unhealthy obsessions so they do not interfere with our normal state of mind and lead us to be more productive.

4.      Unwanted Compulsions

Even if you are not diagnosed with OCD, or you are, a person who is suffering from unwanted compulsions are actually experiencing distress call from deep within the unconsciousness making them react on things that interferes with normal activities.

FasterEFT emphasizes that unwanted compulsions are part of a coping mechanism of the mind more than it is a disorder. Unwanted compulsions are often a result of the mind triggering the brain to react automatically, but these connections can be changed using the using Faster EFT tapping methods.

5.      Repetitive Self-destructing Behaviors

Repetitive self-destructive behavior is a general term for a lot of things. This may include, harming oneself physically, cutting the skin, burning a part of the skin just to feel pain, engaging in unprotected sexual encounters, gambling and a lot more.

Again, this is merely a coping mechanism of the mind to escape reality. For some people they find comfort in feeling pain and get addicted to it. The impulse of being rebellious over and beyond what is perceived normal by a particular culture can also become an impulse that may seem soothing to mind.

Faster EFT understands that something deep within the subconscious of a self-destructive person is triggering these behaviors. Tapping away when triggers are noticed will definitely provide a way to stop self-destruction. Nonetheless, in the greater sense, Faster EFT dives into the subconscious and can change the records held within to address the issues.

If these records are changed and a person suffering from a destructive behavior is placed under the feeling of joy and happiness instead of rebellious and destructive, it will definitely provide a long-term effect compared to other forms of therapy.

6.      Physical Ailments

Medical science warned us over time that a body placed under stress will definitely be more susceptible to physical ailments. The fight-or-flight system of the body which produce emergency hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are essential in times of danger.

However, when we stress over small things all the time, the body also reacts the same way. These hormones do not benefit us, it can in the long term produce physical ailments because it alters the body’s normal functions.

FasterEFT understands our tendencies to get sick. The way it can help in addressing physical ailments caused by patterns of behavior and lifestyle actually makes more sense than other type of healing. The body can heal itself through the mind. We all have a tendency to get sick based on the records we hold within our mind. Stopping these tendencies by changing our perception of the nature of illnesses and reality will definitely get rid of the disease before it manifests.

Suggested reading on this is the story of Tiffany Jeffers’ amazing journey to recovery.

7.      Boredom

Most people think it is normal to get bored without understanding that this is an emotional distress call. Boredom is not normal, when a person feels bored, there is so much going on in the mind meaning that the person does not live in the moment. A bored person is not mindful, and mindfulness is essential to live a stress-free life.

Boredom may be a product of depression and indifference. But without consulting a professional you wouldn’t know if boredom is rooted from depression. FasterEFT restores mindfulness and joy by changing the records within the mind perceived as boredom or inactivity. Discover how to battle boredom and depression without medication and using only the power of your mind to make a change using FasterEFT.

8.      Anger

Anger can be dangerous both for the person who often experience it and to those around him when it goes out of control. Anger management programs may be effective for some people, but it is notable that most of these programs barely scratch the surface and dig deeper to the root cause of anger.

Faster EFT will not only get to the root cause of anger but can change the records held within the mind that causes the anger so the triggers will no longer exist.

Learning how to control the mind means learning how to control and get rid of extreme emotions such as anger.

9.      Bleak

Being constantly in bleak means you are unwelcoming, feeling miserable and feeling in gloom. Dark emotions are shared by the human family. But it does not mean someone must live within bleak all the time. Getting over suffering from loss and grief is essential to bounce back to normal life.

Living in bleak impacts the body more than you suffer emotionally. It means your body is in constant emergency state, when you are in this state a lot of your internal organs are suffering and more often, even appetite is affected and malnutrition is just one of the health risks.

In order for a person to bounce back healthy out of bleak means changing the mind’s perception. FasterEFT will help you discover the path to the root of this emotion and its triggers and change the records to a happier feeling place.

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10. Agitated Moods

Feeling restless and aggravated means the body is placed under a lot of stress. While these feelings are often provoked by environmental factors, often the triggers are caused my emotional distress. When you play bad memories within the mind, the consciousness alerts the brain to signal the body to go into a state of emergency.

To get rid of feeling agitated all the time, there is a need to inspect within the mind what causes it in the first place. This is not only identifying the triggers but go deep within the subconscious and find what causes the triggers.

FasterEFT helps in getting rid of agitation and restless not only by calming the mind but by changing the records within the layers of consciousness and point it to a happier direction.

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