10 Confidence Boosting Tips from Faster EFT

Faster EFT believes that one of the key ingredients to achieve success in life is confidence. Without healthy confidence it will be difficult to make decisions easily. Moreover, to take actions in life that has significant positive impact in daily living, one must be confident enough to take risks.

Our daily interactions are directly affected by our confidence, how people respond and communicate with you relies mostly on the level of confidence you display. Lack of confidence can have  significantly have a negative impact on the following aspects of life:

  1. Success in business
  2. Physical health
  3. Relationships
  4. Personal achievement
  5. Social experiences

Faster EFT would like to help you overcome your lack of confidence in yourself naturally. You may have come across some teachings that encourages “Fake it ‘til you make it.” While that concept may work, it doesn’t really solve the issue. The problem with confidence is that it can hardly be faked.

10 Confidence Boosting Tips from Faster EFT

Building Self Self-Value and Confidence, goes hand in hand. You cannot fake your self-value, you have to strive to be genuine all the time, otherwise you will come across as a fake among friends, family and acquaintances. Same is true with confidence, fake confidence will not deliver any good long term results.   

In short, Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations will help you achieve confidence by first focusing on building your self-value. Besides the tips below, there is a full course that Robert Smith offers, click here to enroll. Join him in the pre-recorded webinar that will help you achieve faster emotionally focused transformations and become a better you!

Here are the 10 tips from Faster EFT to help you become more confident:

1.    Use Your Favorite Perfume

Using your favorite perfume does not only make you smell nice. It can actually make you feel more confident. The key here is that you are boosting your mind to be inspired because you constantly smell something familiar and evoke good feelings and thoughts. A study found that 90 percent of women who wears perfume are more confident than those who don’t. So go ahead and spritz on your favorite scent.

2.    Mind Your Posture

Sitting up straight does not only make you look better and appear more confident. According to research, sitting up straight can improve confidence from deep within the mind. Moreover, sitting up straight and avoiding slumping improves blood circulation.

Always try sitting while your chest is open and your head level to look poised and assured. It benefits your physically and mentally.

3.    Play your jam

Cranking up your favorite music can do wonders for the mind and body. Listening to songs that inspires confidence can lead to feeling more powerful.

4.    Allow Faster EFT to help you deal with failure

Learn how to live life as you deal with failure. Faster EFT does not subscribe to the idea that there are broken people or there are people meant to be a failure. Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations believes that you can resolve the feelings of failure rooted from deep within your subconscious. If you are new to Faster EFT tapping, allow us to guide you through this free 7 day quick start course.

5.    Be a friend

Life is definitely less fun without friends. Even introverts have introverted friends. Friends provide fun and gives meaning to laughter and shared happy memories. Even the Faster EFT community have a global network of friends who help each other in many ways. Join our community today and make new friends.

6.    Take a selfie

Though selfies gained a bad reputation as it leans towards narcissism, they may actually be good for people who lack confidence. Seeing yourself in an image that you can share in social media and allow the public to see is actually an affirmation in action that you claim your spot as a social and confident person.

Just learn where to draw the line and keep in mind the ethics behind selfies and social media.

7.    Get rid of material triggers

If you think a particular shirt, jeans or color of a dress does not inspire you confidence get rid of it. Don’t force your mind to live in any idea that does not inspire positive confidence. Any material possession that you feel triggers you to feel negative of yourself must go.

Learn how to build self-value and be more confident webinar might be what you need to get rid of negative mentality that limits your growth. Get the prerecorded webinar here.

8.    Be physically fit and be realistic about it

Breaking a sweat regularly can improve not only your health but how you essentially view yourself. Exercise does not only benefit the body, it also benefits the mind and spirit. However, do not make it your goal that you are exercising for the sake of fitting into a particular image.

You might get discouraged and feel bad about the idea of exercise and quit. Instead program your mind to exercise because it makes you feel good, slimming and looking sexy next. Having realistic physical image goals is very important.

9.    Be a Flirt but with caution!

Flirting improves confidence according to expert psychologists. If you are married or partnered, flirt with your partner from time to time, not only will it inspire confidence but even help you keep the relationship healthy.

If you are single, it doesn’t mean you flirt with everyone you meet. Flirting have different motives. Keep your motives in flirting in the esteem level. This motive can help encompass those times you feel the need to reinforce your own self esteem. But always be cautious who you flirt with and learn to draw the line.

final-800-bw-600x60010. Visualize

Faster EFT will always be encouraging you to keep a happy journal. Enlist your imagination to boost your confidence. The only person who have the power to change the course of your thinking about yourself is you. If you regularly write and visualize happy memories and thoughts, your confidence will naturally be boosted.  Write down happy memories and thoughts, remind yourself why you rock!

The Faster EFT Building Self Value and Confidence prerecorded webinar will teach you how to tap your way a more confident new you! View this lesson.

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