10 Powerful Quotes by Robert Smith

  1. “When you clean out the negative people from your mind the more the world becomes peaceful and very entertaining.” Robert G. Smith

This quote is perhaps the most powerful one, and that’s why we started with it. Everything you see without, is actually held within your mind. The good people, things and circumstances and the bad people, things and circumstances.

We at FasterEFT believe and know that once you clear out the negative experiences from within your mind, everything changes automatically. People who have hurt you, wronged you and disappointed you, get their power from the emotions you feel about them in your mind.

Using FasterEFT, tap on those memories and emotions, neutralize the emotional quotient and become at peace. That’s when you’ll realize, they hold no power over you. It’s You who is in charge. Your world will transform so effortlessly, you’ll be left breathless.

You can create the best life ever and I will show you how. from Faster EFT on Vimeo.


  1. “Living in the moment everyday, will release the shadows of yesterday, and open the heart for adventures tomorrow.” Robert G. Smith

If there’s one thing that the FasterEFT belief system  emphasizes on is that negative emotions will eat at your productivity, creativity and sanity. We normally just agree with our problems, to the point that they become a part of life.

You may notice, once you start becoming observant of your thoughts, that you spend most of your time thinking about things that happened in the past, or the worries you expect to have happen in the future.

That’s not living productively. By being absent in the present moment and using all your mental resources worrying, you are not functioning at your best. Therefore, you’re not enjoying your life to the fullest. The most amazing thing about FasterEFT is if you put into practice the things that revolve around the core teachings of FasterEFT, you become the master of your mind.

Practitioners and followers alike have found a deeper meaning in understanding what FasterEFT is all about. The FasterEFT tapping is a great tool to combat stress and negative emotions, and is a powerful process used to manipulate memories and reimprint them.

But as you evolve in learning about FasterEFT, it allows you to discover what the world is all about, what this life is all about and mechanics involved in mastering your mind. You’ll learn to live in the present and find your joy and have a better tomorrow when you’re not bogged down by past traumas and hurt. Free yourself with FasterEFT!

  1. “Your temple is within yourself or you’ll be in ruins otherwise! “- Robert G. Smith

Your reactions to world around you are based on your memories. Memories are powerful creators. They can transport you to the past without you even realizing it. It is because memories cause us to react to our external environment.

This is why FasterEFT focuses on memory reimprinting or memory manipulation. While other modalities keep focusing on symptoms and alleviate problems temporarily, Faster EFT focuses on a permanent resolution. This is why we focus on clearing the temple within our minds so that we can function as healthy, happy human beings.


  1. “You have many beliefs that are unseen but are expressed by how you see and interact within the world. The secret to enlightenment is the discovery of your inner self then making fine adjustments for betterment of all. “

Our memories, which we replay in our minds over and over again are recorded within the deeper consciousness with emotional values attached to them. They are what create our beliefs, and our beliefs are what shape our behaviors.

Our beliefs determine how we react to a given situation, person or circumstance. You may think that you have to settle for whatever life throws your way, but we’re here to tell you that with FasterEFT tapping and memory re-imprinting, you can change that.

The big secret then is training the brain to be happy using FasterEFT techniques. This knowledge of how the mind works will provide you with the tools to take on every problem in life. That’s when life will get better and better for you and those around you.


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  1. “Everyday you must transform the unwanted effects of your past and turn them into your dreams. Then you will SOAR!”

We love this quote by Robert! Faster EFT is one of the most effective ways of freeing ourselves from the past. The past is over, so why doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? Traumatic and hurtful experiences leave their mark long after the event itself has passed. Emotional trauma literally changes the brain. In addition to this, the subconscious files its interpretation of the experience – to serve as a foundation of “evidence” for the future.

These are more than just memories; these are references that determine our choices, decisions and behaviors throughout our lives. Forgetting the past with Faster EFT changes those references, and frees you from the same recurring patterns and traps.

  1. “Using FasterEFT on oneself in an expression of love, not a technique; it’s about healthier inner communication, not tapping; it’s creating unity within your mind and body. It’ll naturally transform every moment and every person who crosses your path.”

We believe that FasterEFT is the key to self-mastery. Robert G. Smith’s endeavor to deliver the best of mental healing to the world led to the birth of the most popular stress busting technique known as FasterEFT. Aiming to go way beyond healing, FasterEFT aims to help people master their own lives to be able to achieve success and sustain happiness.

It is only through self-mastery that one can obtain true alignment with their life’s purpose. Every difficulty will become an opportunity to better yourself and elevate yourself. Robert believes that living the life of your dreams is your birthright and one that you can grasp by joining the FasterEFT family.


  1. “Well, you are not messed up, you just had an experience that is over now, you are free to release the pain and move forward.”

You are not a product of your past. Different people experience the same events; but their subconscious interprets them differently – based on what it already holds. It is this interpretation that is providing the basis for who you are, and what you continue to experience.

The problems you have today did not start today. They are metaphoric representations of what you’ve experienced in the past. And while you cannot change the past itself, you CAN change how you represent it. It is this representation that is causing your current experiences.

With FasterEFT memory manipulation, you can change those records of the past and move forward with confidence and joy.


  1. ”Do not take it personal if someone doesn’t like you. Not everyone has good taste!”

When someone says something that you find offensive, you can’t make them “un-say” it – you can’t even force them to never say it again if they choose to do so – but you can change how you receive it. You can change your reaction to it. Now this may seem difficult, or even impossible, at first, but there is a way that makes it very easy indeed.

The reason you feel offended is not because they said what they said but because of the records you hold in your subconscious, built from your life experience, that determine that what the person said is offensive. When you feel something, the feeling is in your own body, not in theirs. And although you may not realize it yet, you have the ability to control what you feel in your own body. This means that no-one outside of you has any power over you – unless you give it to them of course. So use FasterEFT and change your experience of negative people around you.


  1. “Procrastination is a self protecting action trying to keep you safe. It is not something you have but rather something you produce. It is built from hurts, ideas of harm if you do something, accomplish or perform certain things; so the key is looking for, breaking down, and rewriting the old stories that are keeping you in alignment of the fears and hurts involved in doing what you need to do.”

Most people, at some point or other, will procrastinate on the chores or tasks they don’t want to do; but for some people, this habit has a massive and pervasive negative impact on their lives.

Both short term and long term, it can be a habit you never quite seem to get around to fixing, no matter how many times you berate yourself.

Many negative emotions are connected to procrastination. You may recognize them as a fear of failure, resistance, a fear of being judged harshly on your performance, a fear of not living up to standards set by others or even yourself.

These aren’t rational emotions – they are simply the results of what you are carrying that your subconscious is referring to. And you may experience these feelings as laziness, overwhelm or being too busy.

Since these emotions are caused by the records held in your subconscious, you cannot deal with them using logic or reason. It’s time to give your brain some new blueprints. Use FasterEFT to end it once and for all through memory reimprinting.

  1. “When a toxic person loses control over you, they will try to control how others will see you. The lies are unfair, but always stay true to yourself, others will evaluate the source and will see your TRUTH!”

As real as the effects of “toxic people” feel to those they affect, they are only toxic to certain people. And whether or not you’re one of those people who is affected depends on what you’re holding in your subconscious. The great news is, even if you are holding the right data that allows you to be negatively affected by these people right now, that data can be changed.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if you were able to be in complete control over how you feel. Imagine how it would feel to know that no-one – regardless of how clever, manipulative, or toxic they are – can make you feel anything you choose not to feel. Imagine the freedom.

If you like this idea of freedom use the FasterEFT technique to clear out the programming in your subconscious that is causing you to be enslaved by this person’s toxic personality.


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