10 Ways to Build an Abundance Mindset Through FasterEFT

It is undeniably true that much of society is built on a scarcity mentality. It seems normal for most people to think of what is missing instead, of looking at possible opportunities. Faster EFT is a thinking system that aims to help people build sustainable happiness within their lives.

The main reason Faster EFT aims for building sustainable happiness by building an abundance mindset is because we all know that abundance is a relative term. Hedonic adaptation is probably one of the best psychological explanations about the human tendency to return to relatively stable levels of happiness after an unpleasant event.

FasterEFT is a mental healing system that is not only focused on freeing an individual from pains, disorders and illnesses, but it has an actionable belief system that allows a person to achieve happiness and make the law of the attraction work more positively in their lives.

Living life with a scarcity mindset as opposed to an abundance mindset, can cause a lot of negative emotions to arise, for example: fear, anxiety, depression or feelings of incapacitation. That is why Robert Smith built the FasterEFT belief system with highly specialized techniques on how a person can reprogram the mind to free themselves of the ‘scarcity mentality’.

Furthermore, Robert created some very effective processes on how an individual can collapse the negative mental patterns related to a scarcity mentality and replace it with an abundance mentality.

the-abundance-mindsetThese are 10 simple ways to build an abundance mindset:

1. Recognize your mental pattern which causes the scarcity mentality

It is important to recognize and admit that a negative mentality is the very obstacle that you should deal with. Recognizing your problems in terms of adapting to a scarcity mentality means you are aware that there is something wrong, that something has to change.

Living a life in denial and trying to hide your problems will not provide a resolution. In fact, it can lay the groundwork for more problems to arise.

Based on how the mind truly works through observation, a person who lives in an abundant mindset takes risks, feels happier and can attract better opportunities than those who don’t. Fear is a huge factor that results in feelings of failure and inadequacy.

FasterEFT can help you change this mindset and provide you with a solution on how to improve, be more productive and live life in alignment with what you are truly wanting. It can help you collapse the interlinking negative mental patterns to achieve more in life.

2. Always focus on what you can achieve

There is a tricky part in this, somehow, even if you try your best to “will” your mindset into thinking positive, the negative mental patterns seem to takeover without warning. Often, the negative thoughts can increase in frequency and cause you to build further negative patterns around the subject your wish to eliminate.

This increases your habit of fearing/worrying making it more dominant than your will to avoid it.

The best way for you to train the “focus system” in your mind is to first eliminate the foundation of the negative mental patterns. In other words, it is easier to think positive and to focus on what you can achieve if there are no thoughts coming from memories that contribute to negativity.

This is made possible by Faster EFT memory reimprinting. It is a very simple yet highly powerful process of changing memories with high negative emotional frequencies to something better or neutral. This allows the person to have a firm grip on the current situation and think of positive and healthy ways of overcoming any challenge.

3. Pay more attention to the current moment

This is easier said than done. Being mindful of the present moment is not as easy as we would like it to be. The reason for this is because, we are always momentarily focusing on each current experience by drawing references from the past. It is how the mind works by default. Without this system of referencing incoming experiences from the past, it would’ve been hard to survive.

Sadly, the very instinct that is supposed to keep us safe is also that very thing that can keep us from abundance.

Being mindful is a neutral state, there are of course a lot of mental healing systems that advocate mindfulness. There’s no denying that we need to be mindful, but mindfulness is not a positive mental state. It is a neutral mental state.

In other words, regardless of whether you are a criminal or a saint, you need mindfulness. You need to be mindful in order to execute that which is in alignment to the results you are wanting.

If your instinct is based on fears, sadness and depression, then your “mindfulness compass” is pointing to the direction that does not contribute to your well-being. It’s that simple. If your mindfulness is pointed towards those memories of negative experiences in the past, then clearly your mindfulness needs to be turned to the proper direction.

This is what FasterEFT does, it is a system that can help you fine-tune your mind so that each moment of mindfulness is focused towards joy, abundance and allows you to build happiness. It is a system with great techniques that allows you to manipulate how your consciousness withdraws information from the unconscious and subconscious, that are being used as a filter to interpret your current reality.


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4. Start being truly grateful

Being truly grateful for what you have now goes far above and beyond reciting the words “thank you.” Without your emotions truly powering the feeling of gratitude, you will not achieve an abundance mindset. Developing true appreciation means that you truly mean what you say when you say that you are grateful.

Being truly grateful can actually improve your mental and physical state more than just welcoming an abundance mindset.

The only way for gratitude to really work is to promote positive change in one’s life. It has to be perceived by the mind as something exciting and not as a “chore.” There are many people who try to subscribe to the gratitude mentality to allow abundance into their life, but they end up not seeing the point and revert back to their usual mental patterns. Worse, some even develop negative mental structures towards keeping up with a gratitude list or a gratitude journal.

FasterEFT understands why this happens. It is because feeling grateful for everything that you currently have has to be perceived by the mind as natural and true, rather than a something you have to do.

If you are faking gratitude, you may create a gratitude list page after page, but it will not contribute in allowing a natural abundance mindset. Faster EFT understands that when you collapse all mental structures that fuel why it’s hard to be grateful, then gratitude happens naturally.

5. Fuel your mind with memories of abundance

Drop those thoughts and memories of poverty, not having enough, or being poor. One interesting line that Robert G. Smith mention frequently is, “The unconscious/subconscious mind is a law of attraction machine.”

This line is actually the missing link to most of the law of attraction teachings. Simply put, the unconscious or the subconscious is the engine that makes anything you want to manifest, but unless your engine is fine-tuned to work properly, you will never get to your desired destination.

Faster EFT is a process that allows mental changes to occur internally and not superficially. It is the only mental healing modality which as a complete understanding on how to change the mind from its core, influencing the patterns of the mind, ultimately leading to influencing changes in the body and your reality.

Fueling your mind with memories of abundance simply means tuning your subconscious in to work towards your desired goal in life.

6. Speak of abundance

Changing your mental scripting, or “inner speech”, is indeed very essential in making sure that you are moving towards the abundance mindset. When you speak to yourself, internally, within your mind, more of abundance than of loss, that’s when changes begin.

However, when speaking about abundance make sure that you are not subscribing to the “fake it, ‘til you make it” mentality.

If you are faking your abundance mindset, there is a very big chance that you innately feel you are faking it, which will cause the formation of negative mental patterns towards abundance. The mind is where the workshop is, meaning if you go ahead and delude the mind to the idea of abundance, despite what the reality is, there’s a higher tendency to feel failure.

Speaking of abundance means speaking of those things that are within your reality. Speak of abundance that you can touch, feel and see at the moment. If you are currently unable to still acquire the next most desired thing you want, speak more about the things you have and love to do, and how you expect to acquire your desires and what you will do once you’ve got them.

This will definitely keep your mind focused on your goal.

In other words, stop speaking about failure or your inability to acquire things. Drop the idea of limitations without sounding deluded so that you can contribute to your abundance mindset.

7. Carefully select your choice of company

In changing your mindset, your group of friends can greatly contribute to how you progress. This does not mean that you end your relationship with friends that aggravate you. However, if you are trapped in friendships that are causing you to see the world negatively, it would really help if you limit contact in that regard.

Simply stated, the group you subscribe to will have a direct impact on how you think. If it is unavoidable, you can use the Faster EFT techniques that are designed to helping you avoid toxic people influencing your life.

Mindsets can sometimes be contagious. The more you limit your time with people who do not contribute to your success, the more quickly you can adapt to a successful abundance mindset.

8. Ground your affirmations in positive foundations

Affirmations are great, but similar to the feeling of gratitude, it has to be perceived by the mind as real. Affirmations will only work if the mind agrees with your affirmations from the subconscious level.

In other words, if you build your affirmations from negative foundations, you can build great things atop it, but it in time, it will crumble and fall.

When your affirmations are based on genuine intentions and possibilities, it will work its magic leading you towards abundance.

In the application of FasterEFT to first collapse your negative mental patterns, the moment you affirm that success and abundance are a part of your life, it is understood and perceived by the mind as natural and without any links to negative emotions and thoughts. Because of this, it closes the gap between your desire and your current stance in life.

9. There is nothing wrong in becoming abundant

Some people often resort to thinking that if they acquire a lot of things that they desire, it may feel like they are not giving back enough or sometimes, like they are stealing from the majority of people. This mindset is actually a very good example of allowing the saboteur within to take over your life.

In the past, you may have been told or trained by the adults who took care of you to always give way. Because of this, strong foundations of mental patterns were laid down, leading you to always give up easily when it came to achieving your dreams. At worse, it’ll make you feel guilty and slow down your progress.

Depending on the culture you grew up in, there are many other obvious factors about why a person would feel bad in allowing an abundant life. To get rid of this mindset, Robert Smith’s one-on-one session can teach you how you can collapse that thought structure using FasterEFT.

He will provide you with techniques on how you can completely eradicate thought patterns and belief systems that limit your growth. He can help you reprogram your mind to naturally adapt to an abundance mindset.

10. Take action

This is the most important thing that anyone wishing to be successful can do. You can read all the blog entries in the Faster EFT Main Blog, Medium Publication and other external blogs, but if you do not take action, it won’t do any good.

What is best is that you take a bold step forward, tell yourself that you are willing to let go of all the memories and beliefs that do not support your life goals.

Take an even bolder step by wiping your mind of all the belief systems and mental programming that contribute to feeling limited.

You can do this either, by subscribing to a one-on-one telecommute session with Robert, or you enroll yourself in one of his home-study courses. The power to make positive changes in your life is within your reach.

Money is only a representation of what the mind holds as valid and true. If you change your mindset about money, wealth and abundance, it will surprisingly work like magic in your life.

The opportunities present in your life are immeasurable, the only limit is how you program your mind to perceive, dream and take action.


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