A Guide to Sexual Healing Through Faster EFT

Sex is a core part of the human experience. It is unique to every single one of us and what induces sexual appetite comes in different forms. Same is true of sexual disorders as well – they come in different forms. Within the Faster EFT belief system, a sexual disorder is never viewed as “something is wrong with you.” It is a mind-healing system that sees no one as “broken” or “wrong.”

Sexual issues come to an individual’s experience and affect their life suddenly or gradually. Most, if not all, sexual issues can be traced back to having its origins in the mind.

Usually it is caused by an injury that caused permanent damage. But here in Faster EFT, we see any infliction, be it mental or physical, to be transient in nature. It can be resolved by activating mental healing. Which is what Faster EFT is well-known for.

Through Faster EFT healing, even sexual disorders that are not well-known and understood in medical science can often be reversed and resolved.

The Modern Age of Dealing with Sexual Issues

Today, sexual issues are discussed more openly as compared to a few decades ago. The power of the internet has paved the way for most concerns to be openly discussed instead of, within local groups and communities. Thus, casting a wider net when gathering information to help deal with the problem.

For a non-medical and surgical approach, the online world provides the widest source of information and alternative therapies that work. Faster EFT is among the widely-used tools and techniques in psychotherapy when dealing with social issues and long-term trauma.

No wonder it became the summit of mental healing, bound to science and how the mind works.

Please bear in mind that as you go through this article, we will be discussing sexual issues with a gentle approach and gradually progressing to deeper issues.

We are only going to address sexual issues that cause distress in a person’s life.

We do not, at any point, want to point out in this article that Faster EFT is a tool that can make us have more random sexual experiences.

The following are common sexual disorders that can be addressed through FasterEFT:

1. Erectile Disorder

Erectile disorders more commonly known as erectile dysfunction, and may arise from several issues. Unless it is caused by a side effect from medication or physiological trauma, erectile dysfunction can be addressed through FasterEFT.

Robert has been able to help men of different ages with erectile issues, that often result from their inability to maintain an erection due to mental strain or holding memories that evoke other mental patterns and inhibit arousal causing blood vessels to withdraw supply from the male genital area.

When the mental programming begins to prevent arousal, there are definitely psychological issues involved and Faster EFT holds a complete understanding on how to eradicate these issues regarding sexual health. You can book a Faster EFT session regarding erectile dysfunction here.


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2. Exhibitionistic Disorder

There are some people who get aroused by exposing their genitals to unsuspecting strangers. Such fantasies and urges are rooted deep within the mind, often coming from a deep psychological trauma and the mind relates satisfaction to exhibition.

In psychology, if such behavior has become long term and an individual is unable to control the urges in six months, it needs to be addressed through therapy. Such a disorder, like any other disorder outside and beyond sexual issues, is part of our mental coping mechanism.

There are definitely imprints or memories actively supporting that behavior within our deeper consciousness. Faster EFT memory manipulation and reimprinting works wonders in collapsing the mental pattern attributed to this behavior.

The techniques involved in Faster EFT can produce changes immediately for exhibitionistic disorders.

3. Orgasmic Disorders

Orgasmic disorder is when an individual, male or female, is unable to reach a climax following intercourse or masturbation. Sexual is arousal may be present but not reaching orgasm. Such problems have been addressed by many Faster EFT practitioners and they were able to reverse and resolve the issue.

The memories or imprints stored within the functions of the mind, carried within the deeper consciousness can work for us or against us. Often there is a programming that needs to be tweaked.

Faster EFT memory reimprinting and manipulation is the most advanced tool used by thousands of psychotherapists in addressing this issue. It can collapse the emotions being carried by a particular memory that may be causing orgasmic disorders.

4. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female sexual arousal disorder is not only characterized by the inability to reach completion. Another symptom involves inability to maintain arousal during sexual activity that may lead to inadequate lubrication that may cause swelling of the genitals.

To address the real cause of the problem, the mental pattern that causes the issue has to be located. Once located Faster EFT may be applied to collapse the problematic mental structure to provide resolution to the issue.

Psychological traumas from childhood or early adult life may be a contributing factor to these kinds of issues and Robert has helped thousands of women resolve their sexual issues. Book a session today, click here.

5. Fetishistic Disorder

Fetishism is when an individual finds eroticization of nonliving objects and/or body parts for sexual pleasure. While mild fetishes are common among everyone and more colloquially known as turn-ons, the disorder may become incapacitating or risky if it becomes extreme.

The focus on the non-genital body parts, usually involving objects (e.g. dirty underwear, socks, feet), can be a multisensory experience. Some fetishists may use the objects, for rubbing, inserting, smelling, tasting or holding during masturbation or intercourse.

Uncommon fetishes that hold risks for sexually transmitted diseases or physical trauma have to be addressed. Often individuals who self-identify as fetishists do not report clinical impairment. These individuals can be considered as having a fetish but not necessarily a disorder.

Faster EFT sessions are held in private and are confidential. In addressing sexual issues, you may speak with a practitioner for guidance on how to collapse mental structures supporting unhealthy urges.

6. Frotteurism

Frotteurism disorder is the recurrence of intense sexual fantasies involving urges of touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person. When the fantasy and the urges become unmanageable, you may use FasterEFT as a tool to collapse the urges and settle the mind.

These sexual fantasies can cause significant distress and impairment on both the occupational and social areas of an individual’s life.

7. Sex Addiction

Faster EFT is well known for having the highest resolution rate in addictions of any kind. It is a system that can resolve addictions by using the mind’s ability to transform and heal itself.

Like any type of addiction, sex addiction is a way for a person to escape confrontation with the underlying issues. Some people turn to drugs and some to food, some – to sex.

8. Vaginismus

Vaginismus is the recurrent and persistent contracture or involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. This can lead to a woman not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse and have difficulty in reaching satisfaction. There is no known specific cause for this disorder.

Faster EFT has helped a lot of women overcome vaginismus. When a person holds a memory of trauma that may cause interference in mental patterns without notice, this may manifest itself as a disorder called vaginismus or any of the whole spectrum of sexual disorders.

Faster EFT in Healing Sexual Disorders

Modern medical science advocates intervention using FDA approved drugs. However, these medications are only limited to a few disorders and the other problem that may rise is the tolerance to dosage and side effects.

Faster EFT healing of sexual issues is completely natural and can provide resolution to a broader spectrum of sexual issues. It is the best option since it is focused in helping a person totally collapse the structure of sexual issues from within the mind. The body is very obedient to what the mind dictates.

Faster EFT is nonjudgmental. A Faster EFT practitioner can help you address your concerns with utmost privacy within a supportive environment.


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