Excitement is Building for the 2016 FasterEFT Transformational Retreat in Greece

Every time Robert G. Smith hosts FasterEFT events, the global community of healers get excited and the buzz is unstoppable. The primary reason for this is because FasterEFT is rapidly growing with more and more people being drawn to this easy to understand healing process that delivers results while others remain to be a promise.

When practitioners and avid followers gather for FasterEFT events like this seminar, learning is more fun as you get to learn directly from the creator of FasterEFT himself. The collection of cutting-edge techniques and processes are discussed in detail and collaboration with other practitioners is possible.

The topics on which FasterEFT is known to be very beneficial will be talked about in greater detail. Problems and issues ranging from chronic pain, past traumas, emotional issues, bad habits and even some of the most challenging physical illnesses will be covered and how FasterEFT can make positive and permanent life transformations.

The Transformational Retreat on November 12 – 13, 2016

This is a 2-day weekend introduction to FasterEFT. If you are new to this process of healing, the 2 days will be dedicated to ensure that all the basics about FasterEFT are covered. This is your chance to witness live demonstrations by Robert Smith using the FasterEFT technique.

This weekend seminar is available for anyone who wishes to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and better understand the structure of problems within our minds and how to collapse them to yield a better life.

What’s in it for you?

Attending FasterEFT seminars and live events is a fun journey to understanding the healing process with clarity, together with other practitioners and followers. You will get acquainted with people who have been in the same spot as you are now.

You can witness others heal and let go of their life-long dilemmas. There is more magic in witnessing live and impactful life transformations in person, although we cannot completely dispose of the value of those videos we share online.

Furthermore, and most importantly, don’t you want to let go of your old, unpleasant habits and problems that do not benefit your life?

Well this is your chance to learn how to let go and welcome a new and better version of you.


In short this is what you’ll gain from this Transformational Retreat:


  1. Learn a new perspective about the world we live in, discover a new way of understanding your relationships and how you react to them.
  2. Discover the true meaning of freedom about your complex life problems, with the most profound answers and explanations.
  3. Learn how to empower the mind, restructure your life to align with joy and abundance.
  4. Get rid of your old habits, problems and allow the birth of a new you through a transformed healthier mindset.FasterEFT in greece2
  5. Witness other people let go of their miseries and heal. It is truly an experience worth seeing when others begin to heal and transform.

Are you ready?

Get the full details about this rare event and how you can join many others. Please click here.

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