4 Steps to Success in All Areas of Life

Achieving success in any area of your life – whatever success means to you – is only four steps away. These four steps are not necessarily easy (unless you decide to make them easy for yourself) but they are a direct route to the life you desire. The question is – will you be prepared to take them? It will depend on how much you want your success. If you really, really want it, you will be prepared to do what it takes and go through these four steps until you reach your goals.

Step One

Take over the responsibility for what you experience in life. You could refuse to do this, and that would be okay, but it would mean you are choosing to remain at the mercy of the world and people around you. This will give you very little control over achieving the life you want. The truth is, the ship of your life has no captain right now; and you have the option to take over the controls and captain your own ship – choosing where you want to go and what you want to experience.

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Step Two

Make a list of the things you want changed in your life, and then start going through the list addressing each one using the FasterEFT process.

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Step Three

When you experience challenges and doubt, stop yourself from blaming anything else (including yourself) and instead, treat it as you would your ship if it was veering off-course in an unexpected current or a sudden storm. Correct your course by tapping it out. Use the FasterEFT technique to tap in the moment whenever anything bothers you (use Mental Tapping if you can’t tap physically in that moment) – this is the way you correct the course of your ship to where you want to go.

Step Four

Read: What You Need to Know about Resistance, and whenever you find yourself doubting that the first three steps are working, follow the instructions in that article.

Now You Have the Power

These four steps are the most reliable way to achieve your success since they will ensure that you are addressing the core subconscious records that result in your life experiences; and they will keep you on track when you may have otherwise given up before you reached your goals.

The Choice is Yours

If you really want your success, you will do what it takes. However, naturally, if you don’t want it enough to do what it takes, that’s okay too. The most important point to recognize is that it is your choice. It is only your choice; and no-one and nothing outside of you can affect your experience without your permission – you are either choosing your experiences by captaining your own ship, or you are choosing to go with the flow and allow yourself to experience whatever happens to come along. Either way, it’s your choice; and it’s okay.

For more information on how and why FasterEFT works, visit: The FasterEFT Belief System.

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