6 Scientifically Proven FasterEFT Life Hacks That Promote Happiness

The FasterEFT life hacks to build happiness within your mind and lives, are a combination of some of the most advantageous processes in ancient and modern times. That is why, Robert G. Smith’s work is backed with so many scientifically proven studies.

Faster EFT operates within perceptible physical procedures that deliver results not only to heal people from disorders and problems but also in due course to align everyone to happiness and provide them with a clear idea on how to sustainably structure it throughout their lives.

fastereft lifehacks

The following scientifically proven lifehacks are found within the FasterEFT belief system and techniques:


1. Stressbusting Experts

People who apply the Faster EFT techniques and understand them deeply do not just become immune to stress. In fact, they become stress experts. They learn how to get rid of stress and allow their bodies to recover quickly.


A study found that breast cancer survivors were able to change their lives for better after battling with cancer. Two-thirds of the women admitted that they learned how to prioritize stress management after battling with the dreadful disease.

In applying the Faster EFT techniques and incorporating them into your daily life, you learn the valuable lesson these women did. You do not have to go through a life-threatening situation just to learn that stress contributes to almost 80% of physical illnesses.

Faster EFT offers a sustainable and excellent strategy for coping with any type of stress that you encounter in life. So the next time stress comes up, ask yourself, what can you learn from it and try this step-by-step guide on how to use Faster EFT to overcome it. Better, if you haven’t taken the free course yet, subscribe to the 7 Day Quick Start Course.

2. Practicing Gratitude is at the Core of the FasterEFT Belief System

Counting your blessings and making a list of things that make you happy does not just create and allow more happiness to come in your life – it improves your mental and physical health.

The Faster EFT process involves creating a happy journal that consists of 5 main parts:

  1. Happy Memories
  2. Positive Affirmations
  3. Gratitude List
  4. Goals and Dreams
  5. E.M.S.

Want to know how to create a happy journal? Please visit this post.

Regularly journaling about the 5 main parts creates wonders and allows natural healing and transformations to take place. But make sure that writing about gratitude does not seem like a chore. Make a healthy routine out of it and do not mix it with your responsibilities and tasks.

Here’s why:

In one experiment participants were divided into two groups. Half of the group were asked to write their gratitude list on a weekly basis and the other half to write three times a week. Both groups were told to religiously complete their gratitude lists for a total of six weeks.

The outcome was somewhat surprising. Those who were doing it once a week had achieved a happier state and were able to achieve more during the course of six weeks as compared to the other half.

The reason lies in the fact that even when an action is supposedly done to create a positive change, but the mind perceives it as chore, the negative thought structure will still be formed around it. This is how the mind works and this is what FasterEFT is good at dealing with. In short, you have to make sure that even in the act of counting your blessings that your mind perceives the action as something positive. Allow Faster EFT techniques to help.

3. Socializing and building good relationships

Happy people are known for their circle of friends and strong relationships.

What makes FasterEFT so great in building relationships is that it does not get reduced to pleasure-seeking adaptation. In other words, your marriage and partnership become stronger and longer lasting as compared to loving the idea of a relationship the way you get used to new clothes.

Making time for friends and socializing improves mental health and helps the mind to become more creative and break negative thought patterns that are often a result of being stagnant. FasterEFT lifehacks on improving relationships are offered in  “Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships” will provide you with a complete understanding on what is really going on with your life and your relationships.

If you want to be more sociable and build a better version of yourself, “Building Self-Value and Confidence” is a great course for you start with. It’s full of practical FasterEFT Techniques focused on boosting self-esteem.

4.      Take care of your body

In FasterEFT we emphasize mental health, but the mind is where the work begins.

“While the mind is the workshop, we believe that the body is the temple.”

No other mind-body healing modality takes a more holistic approach than Faster EFT. Robert insists that motivation to exercise has to be intrinsic and that without the mind being intrinsically motivated to exercise, any aerobic or any other workout routine is bound to fail. That is why there are mental techniques and strategies involved in “Be slimmer, Stay Slim”. It is an advance weight loss online workshop that not only teaches people how to achieve their ideal weight but to become healthier.

A scientific study conducted in 1999 divided a group of over 50 men and women who are trying to overcome depression into 3 groups.

Group one were those who are mentally motivated to workout under supervision.

Group two were those who take only anti-depressants.

Group three were those who did both.

Surprisingly, after six months, those who belonged to the first group without any medication were those who were able to overcome depression and who were less likely to relapse back as compared to the group who only relied on anti-depressants.

Exercise and working out is great, but if the mind is to perceive exercise as a routine and chore, negative thoughts might surround it and lead to not wanting to do it. That is why it is always best to program your mind that exercise is a positive experience and not a threat, so it does not relate to stress.

5.      Subscribing to positive belief systems

People who subscribe to positive belief systems like FasterEFT are more likely to report and claim that they are happy. The social support acquired through affiliation with a group of positive people boosts your spirit allowing the body to be in a stable state and the mind to become more creative.

Those people who subscribe to belief systems, whether in the form of a religion, lifestyle or groups that are limited to operating beyond natural laws may evoke negative perceptions towards the how the world really works.

In other words, take care of your spirit.

It is true that happiness doesn’t have to rely solely on the belief to divine beings. It can be developed be through a relationship with a group of people offering support. Just like the FasterEFT community and family of friends globally who are determined to help one another in spite of diverse religious beliefs.

Scientific studies prove that people who understands spirituality on a deeper level have more chances of overcoming life threatening diseases over those who have no spiritual foundations. You score happiness points with Faster EFT because it has a great understanding about spirituality at its very core.

6.      Be more intrinsically motivated to reach life goals

Pursuing goals is not always a walk in the park.

There is intrinsic motivation. Meaning you want to achieve the goal because you understand the meaning of satisfaction upon achieving it, and you enjoy the process as you do it.

There is an extrinsic motivation where you are more focused towards the end result and the benefits you acquire once the goal is completed.

Intrinsically motivated people are most likely not to feel pressure and frustration. Whereas, extrinsically motivated people are most likely to feel the pressure and be more frustrated in the process of achieving goals.

Research suggests that intrinsic motivation towards achieving life goals makes people happier and provides a sense of competence and self-sufficiency. This is what FasterEFT is all about, to help you collapse habits that no longer benefit you and to help you program the mind so that you gain proper motivation in achieving your goals.

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