The Acupressure Points Tapped in FasterEFT Explained

If you are fairly new to FasterEFT tapping and looking for information on why there is tapping involved, this post is definitely for you! We have published a lot of articles talking about the benefits of FasterEFT Tapping and how to overcome stress by tapping, this one is intended to discuss the Tapping Points, also known as acupuncture or acupressure points and more popular in the west as Meridian Points.

A Brief History on Meridian Points

Robert G. Smith developed FasterEFT but the acupressure points used in this healing technique has been used for thousands of years. However, their purpose in FasterEFT healing serves a slightly different purpose compared to purely acupressure therapy, that we will explain later on.

Acupuncture is very popular in Chinese Medicine, ancient and modern. It is only in the recent years that this type of healing has begun to become more popular in non-oriental cultures. In the west, scientific researches has been conducted over time to map its efficiency.

While acupuncture requires needles, acupressure does not, it is simply applying light to moderate pressure on the meridian points of the body to alleviate physiological issues. Traditional Chinese Medicine holds the complete understanding about these Meridian Systems and how they affect the body, not just in addressing pain and body issues but most importantly, how they affect vital organs. Manipulation of these points if done properly can contribute to overall physical and mental wellbeing of an individual.


In FasterEFT we only manipulate 5 main points, which are:

 The area between the eyebrows

This area is also known as the acupressure point GV 24.5, some call it as the “third eye point.” The benefits of applying slight pressure in these point is to alleviate mental stress, calm an upset stomach, deals with frustration, headaches and mental congestion.

The area beside the eye

This acupressure point is just beside the eye outside the eye socket, close to the bone but not exactly the temple. The point is also known as the G1, it helps with temporal headaches, migraines, conjunctivitis.

Under the eye

This point is the bony surface under the eye. This acupressure point is said to relieve headaches and other stress related issues originating from strains of the eyes.

The point under the collarbones

This point is known as the Lu1, but more popularly known as the Letting Go acupressure point. This point is used to release anxiety, depression and overwhelm. This is a very important point in acupressure therapy and known to be very effective in letting go of grief and loss.

The wrist acupressure points

The wrist contains several acupressure points. In FasterEFT, it is just grabbing the wrist and not suggested to apply pressure on each of the points. It is accompanied by the phrase “Peace” while slowly breathing out. Points TW5, P6 and TW4 are local pressure points touched when you grab your wrist, they are known to treat a syndromes and disorders relating to the hand and the arms, but their purpose in FasterEFT is to end a tapping cycle as you completely let go.

The following is the tapping visual guide:

fastereft-blog-2-image-463x480-1FasterEFT Tapping and De-fractionation

As you go and sift through the memories that cause your problems we are already in deep trance. De-fractionation is an essential key process in FasterEFT that makes it very effective. De-fractionation serves to break that trance. As you go back to the bad feelings associated with the memory briefly, you are pulled out again as you go to next acupressure point.

When you go back to the trance as you address the issue again you go lighter into trance and the emotions become less intense. This process is repeated until the issues, negative emotions and the trance is no longer there and there is nowhere to go back into. This is how you set the mind free of the problems and issues associated with it. It is a process that collapse the structure of the problem.

Tapping is the most common method applied in FasterEFT. As you focus on your problem and issues and then shift your focus on the feeling of the skin at the tip of your fingers as it touches the pressure point you are in the process of de-fractionation. There are other methods to de-fractionate, please check them here.

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