Aligning Your Mind to Your Life’s Ultimate Purpose

As FasterEFT followers grow in massive number globally, we are seeing 2017 as a greater year for change and life transformations. FasterEFT is more than just about healing the body, it is in fact, a modality that aims to align your mental resources for you to reach your full potential.

The greatest challenge in life is knowing and serving your purpose. Ask anyone, “What is your purpose in life?” and you will definitely get varied answers – some may lean towards a spiritual purpose and others towards a materialistic one.

It would be easier if we could look up at the sky and see our purpose written in the stars, but it doesn’t work that way.

Aligning Your Mind to Your Life’s Ultimate Purpose

The Faster EFT Belief System strongly agrees that our life’s purpose is something we define, we create and sustain. Our life’s purpose is not something handed to us by our ancestors.

The great misalignment that happens to an individual is when they think they have to continue in the steps of their forefathers, leaving their own personal purpose behind.

The truth is, even your parents cannot define your purpose for you. In reality, the culture and government that has influence over your life, cannot and will never be able to define it for you.

The more power we give to outside influencers, the more we lose our own personal purpose, leading to so many problems that we either do not notice it or deny its existence.


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Why is Your Life’s Purpose Important?

The answer is simple. Having a purpose makes you feel more alive, consistent and authentic. FasterEFT is a system that emphasizes the need to align with your life’s purpose outside of what you think you should be, which is usually based on what other people think.

Your life’s purpose can motivate you to be more productive and creative in whatever endeavor you commit to.

Your purpose is your anchor in life, it should be something that you truly want, otherwise when the tides come in, you can easily be prone to delusion and instability.

Top 3 Benefits of Purpose to Physical Health

1. Live Longer

A study in Japan back in 2009 showed that out of 73,000 Japanese men and women, those who had a strong sense of purpose in life lived longer compared to those who didn’t.

Furthermore, the research continued to study other countries and cultures where people live close to, or past a hundred and the results were consistent. That having a purpose in life contributes to a long life. Dan Buettner, Bluezones.

The mind is the true source of anti-aging. Your mental programming on how you react to every stressful situation has a direct effect on how your organs and cells recover. FasterEFT is the leading stressbusting method and has even shown significant results in delaying signs of aging for women over 35 who just started the program in a matter of weeks.

Not only because it is a system that aligns you with your life’s purpose but because it is a system that collapses the source of negative mental and emotional baggage and allows your body to naturally heal itself and restores youth.

2. Protection Against Cardiovascular Diseases

Another study in 2008 found that having no or low purpose in life in Japanese men, are associated with cardiovascular illnesses and are more prone to myocardial infarction. Further studies in the west are being conducted today to back the research.

Time and again we have come across teachings by doctors and holistic practitioners that the body is only obedient to what the mind dictates. Having a strong life purpose rewires an individual psychologically and the mind automatically dictates the body to heal and recover.

The aim of FasterEFT in providing psychological flexibility is a way for the body to recuperate. It is as simple as allowing the mind or the brain to fire impulses that promote healing and recovery instead of stress chemicals. Furthermore, FasterEFT aims to equip an individual with skills that promote a happy brain and reduce the risk of stress-related illnesses.

3. Prevention of Alzheimer’s

According to the studies involving thousands of elderly subjects in Chicago’ Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago, it found that people with a low sense of life purpose are 2.4 times likely to get Alzheimer’s disease.

This study was supervised by Dr. Patricia Boyle, a neuropsychologist. Moreover, the study shows that elderly people with higher sense of purpose are less likely to develop problems of immobility and other impairments in daily routines.

Life Purpose and Relationships

FasterEFT belief system believes that people who discover their life’s purpose are more engaged in their families, neighbors and work. It only suggests that having a life purpose is a fundamental aspect in building sustainable happiness in life.

In cases of romantic relationships, people who have a strong grip on their life purpose prove to last longer and are able to attract mates of the same mental wavelength. This is an important aspect often missed when trying to find relationships. FasterEFT is a thinking system that has helped thousands of people actualize their dream relationships.

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