The Basics of FasterEFT

The basics of FasterEFT are very straightforward and simple.


Although there are a lot of different techniques within FasterEFT, and the change of belief can be a challenge for many people, you can get started with just the basics – if you are willing to do what it takes to transform your life.


You will find more detailed information in the YouTube videos, and in the other articles on our blog.


The Basics of FasterEFT in Brief:

  1. From birth, the subconscious interprets (and gives meaning to) every experience, and files that data as evidence of who we are, how the world around us works, and what reality is.

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  1. Each new experience is filtered through that data, and again, interpreted and filed. This is why each person’s perspective of reality is unique.
  1. The subconscious is constantly referring to the data it holds and prompting the brain and body to respond accordingly. And the brain signals the major organs to produce matching chemicals that cause sensations – which we recognize as impulses and emotions.
  1. These sensations cause the conscious mind to make decisions, take actions, and express behaviors etc. – which are based on what is held in the subconscious.

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  1. In order to change anything effectively and permanently, we need to change the original records. And the results change automatically.
  1. The FasterEFT technique works with the subconscious to change those original records; this results in an automatic change in beliefs, patterns, behaviors, habits etc.


For more information on the subconscious records, watch:





To find out how you can change your reality using FasterEFT, watch:







For guidance on using the FasterEFT technique, watch:


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Here are a few testimonials of people achieving success in all areas of life using the Basic FasterEFT Tap Recipe:














Here are a few resources to get you started:


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