Becoming Slimmer Has Never Been This Easy

Everyone wants to look fabulous. And almost everyone has a problem with their weight. Whether you’re overweight, underweight or looking to gain that perfect body, there’s a solution.

Although problems with weight have causes that are subconscious, the great thing about FasterEFT is that you don’t need to know what those causes are in order to address them.

Most people tend to eat their feelings. There is a reason for that, read on to see why you feel compelled to eat every time you experience a major upheaval in your life.

Fastereft weight loss

  1. You have a strong emotional connection with food – this is often rooted in a relationship with someone from your past who you felt close to, of whom you have fond memories connected to a specific type of food, or food in general.
  2. Food has become an escape for you, from emotions that feel bad. You may find yourself, consciously or unconsciously, finding relief or solace in food. You may find that when you feel upset, lonely, angry, sad, anxious, stressed, or any other negative state, you have a desire to eat; and that eating provides a temporary good feeling or relief from the bad feelings.
  3. You feel pressured into eating. You may have been trained to finish all of the food on your plate, and to not waste anything – even when you are no longer hungry. You may feel obliged to eat socially – for some, refusing someone’s offer of food or not cleaning the plate is considered an insult; and for some, refraining from eating when everyone else is eating can mean feeling left out, or being nagged to take part by those around them, feeling they should eat even when their body doesn’t need the food.

We’re here to tell you that there is hope. You can take the weight off and keep it off. You don’t have to buy expensive weight loss products, or go to hypnotherapists or even exercise till you pass out. All you have to do is become aware of what you eat. So this is the first step:

Start a list: your first step to losing weight using FasterEFT is noting down the different kinds of food you eat despite not being hungry. That is to say, start paying attention to what’s happening, what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling when you choose to eat when you’re not hungry. What are the circumstances?

Also are there certain people that trigger you to eat the way you do? Perhaps when you’ve just had a very stressful conversation with your parent, colleague or relative. What do you feel just before you eat when you’re not hungry? How does eating make you feel in this situation?

And, what do you tell yourself that gives you permission to eat when you’re not hungry? Make notes of these answers so that you can address them effectively using FasterEFT.


The second step: Go through your list and notice if any memories come up that are connected to each answer. Now use the FasterEFT Technique to address each one and flip it.

This is called memory reimprinting in FasterEFT and that’s one of the most powerful techniques used for weight loss. We know this is true because once the trigger is gone, your impulse to eat when you’re not hungry will be gone as well.

When addressing relationships and the connection between love from those you were close to and food, make sure to feel the love for that person, and feel the same love coming from them to you.

It’s important to note that you associated love with that person to food, so you have to re-route that love to associate that with the person and not eating. Although the subconscious has connected that love with food, it is not the food that contains the emotion; it is the connection with that person.

The final step is becoming aware of your thoughts. Whenever you feel the urge to eat, just tap on that feeling in the moment.

The program that works for weight loss

Changing the subconscious beliefs held within your mind is the key to losing weight. Resisting the urge to eat, forcing yourself to vomit, or starving yourself, or eating so much you create a host of other health problems. We know it’s difficult

That’s why Faster EFT works on changing your inner desires, the ones that make you think you need to eat in order to solve a problem or find temporary relief. These changes are made directly within your subconscious mind causing you to naturally choose a healthier diet without effort. Moreover, you’ll find that you have an intrinsic desire to exercise.

So kiss procrastination goodbye! You may be wondering how this is all possible? It is because the subconscious mind refers to the stored records (memories) within, thereby prompting the conscious mind to signal to the body accordingly.

In short, working to change the records held within the subconscious mind will naturally change your conscious choices that directly impact your behavior and physical fitness.

The Faster EFT Ultimate Weight Loss Program is created not only to focus on immediate physical fitness and weight loss goals, but more importantly, it is focused in the psychology behind weight-gain and how to develop a healthy mindset.

This weight loss course includes the fundamentals of Faster EFT. It not only focuses on weight loss but maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. The lessons included in the 24 DVDs are divided into 6 weeks each, where you will be guided through to ensure the best results. The following is an overview of the lessons within the course:

Another program that will work wonders is the Be Slimmer and Stay Slim program.

This is a revolutionary cutting edge workshop, containing over 25 hours of weight-loss specific training videos presented by Robert Smith to help you Be Slimmer and Stay Slim. You will learn how to take control of your body by first taking control of your mind using the Faster EFT tapping style – specifically memory flipping and memory reimprinting.

What can you expect? Liberation from your fears, doubts and anxieties. Expect to break the emotional connections and deep psychological triggers about food that may be causing you to overeat, comfort-eat or malnourish yourself.

Faster EFT Be Slimmer and Stay Slim is a guaranteed program that will have measurable and noticeable effects not only on your body, but on your mind and spirit as well.


Be Slimmer Stay Slim – Online Workshop

“Be Slimmer Stay Slim” is our advanced weight loss workshop. It contains almost 25 hours of weight-loss specific video training presented by Robert Smith to help you Be Slimmer and Stay Slim.


You will learn how to use the FasterEFT tapping style to break the emotional connections with food that cause over-eating, comfort-eating and food addictions. Click here for the full course description.

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