The Best of FasterEFT is Now Available for Everyone

FasterEFT thrives in the idea that we learn from each other’s experiences. Every story counts in Faster EFT and we are always thrilled to compile and upload the best stories in hopes that it inspires change and transformation for other people.

So far, Robert Smith’s Faster EFT Channel on YouTube have 9.5 Million views and rapidly growing number of subscribers. A lot of people are being drawn into the wonders of FasterEFT. Together with the quickly growing FasterEFT Facebook Page, we are so honored to be part of your lives and able to help with your common and complex life hurdles.

Stories matter for Robert Smith, not only because they serve as testimonials, but people’s stories inspire change and transformation and can become the catalyst for another person’s development. If you want to submit a testimonial, please click here. Robert and the whole FasterEFT team would like to thank everyone for the countless emails and comments on the YouTube Videos as well as your loyal engagements in Social Media channels.


The Best of FasterEFT is Now Available for Everyone

Our YouTube Channel is Golden, But There’s More

The information and videos we share on YouTube and our blog does not contain all of the core of FasterEFT, although we try, it is hard to curate them properly and it can be confusing both for advance and beginner practitioners.

The Best of FasterEFT is Now Available for EveryoneWe would like to help you get beyond the surface of FasterEFT and begin to practice with accuracy and thorough knowledge. Our courses and products section in this website offers certification courses and supplementary courses depending on your level. Please have it bookmarked or subscribe because we update regularly and we don’t want you to miss on anything.

We took initiative of curating the best downloadable Videos and Audios in MP4 and MP3 formats to deliver you the best, most inspiring and life-changing stories.

The files we included are focused on weight loss, overcoming memories and trauma of sexual abuse, personal power, addiction and much more. There are also video presentations where you can watch FasterEFT in action as Robert Smith use Faster EFT on people to address variety of issues.

There is quite a lot in the Complete Download Collection, learn more about it and get your copy here.

The FasterEFT Fireside Chat

Download your Free Fireside Chat Webinar and hear Robert discuss the FasterEFT Techniques and answer variety of questions from practitioners.

Are you new to FasterEFT? The Complete Download Collection will definitely guide you to the right direction towards healing and transformation. Don’t forget to take your 7 Day Quickstart Course for free to start making positive changes in your life today.

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