Break Free from Expertly Distorting Your Reality

FasterEFT understands that each and every individual hold within them their own version of reality. Our own version of how the world works is true according to our mental resources. However, as we go through life, our toxic beliefs become more dominant.

This becomes obvious when we are unable to handle life’s problem with grace and calmness, but instead with anxiety and stress.

Often, the distortion of our inner and outer reality becomes the ruler of our character and personality. This distortion affects so many aspects of our lives. The most common distortions are denying addictive behavior, a chronic illness, a toxic relationship and psychological trauma.

Reality distortions can create bigger problems in the future. While self-help may be great, without proper guidance, since we are dealing with “self,” the gap can become wider.


That is why all programs within the FasterEFT courses and online materials are curated to promote a balanced and efficient architecture of learning.

For example, FasterEFT courses on the following have complete recovery programs to reduce reality distortions:

  1. Overcoming relationship problems
  2. Improving ineffective communication
  3. Overcoming grief and loss
  4. Weight-loss specific programs
  5. PTSD-specific sessions

These are just the top 5 among other programs offered and delivered by FasterEFT to promote true and complete healing.

Faster EFT understands that pseudo-recovery can cause a greater gap in perception of reality and incomplete healing may give false-self a greater dominance over the individual.

Let us discuss each common reality distortion and its direct effect on your mental health. Later on, we will discuss how memory manipulation and reimprinting through FasterEFT can aid in closing the gap between distortions to break free.

1. Selective Amnesia

Often the rise of this trait by false-self is obvious when there are so many blanks in describing childhood or early adult life memories.

Some key people aren’t mentioned, events are deliberately forgotten or blatantly denied. This is another form of avoidance behavior with its roots from the unconscious or the subconscious.

An individual may try to deny and form selective amnesia, however reality speaks louder. To truly break free from painful childhood or early adulthood experiences, it is better to collapse the mental patterns caused by implicit memories of pain and trauma.

FasterEFT memory manipulation and reimprinting comes in as the best method to locate the memory of the highest frequency and helps an individual release the emotions attached to the memory.

This is true healing, compared to pseudo-recovery offered by avoidance behavior.

2. Inventing Reasons or Excuses

It is very common among most people to invent a reason to form excuses over behaviors that are otherwise indirectly related to a particular subject. Again, this is a part of avoidance of behavior. Just to avoid accepting the painful truth.

This is very particularly obvious in excessive drinking and other forms of excessive consumption of turning to food or substance abuse, creating an excuse over a deeper issue.

3. Minimizing Impacts

This often happens during times of loss or grieving. It minimizes the psychological impacts of events on one’s self or others.

For example, declaring someone is adjusting wonderfully after loss of a loved one. Minimizing impact only leads to pseudo-recovery and does not provide a final resolution.

FasterEFT grief and loss programs provide a true and complete resolution to help anyone overcome grieving and coping with loss. Check out the grief and loss course here.

4. Imagining Motives

Imagining behaviors, events and motives are among common distortions of reality that everyone experiences.

Often one thought leads to another causing a cloud of unrealistic motives. For example, imagining and assuming a partner’s motive for not calling or going home late to be related to having an affair.

Sometimes it does exist, but often even without valid reason, we tend to think of the worst-case scenario, simultaneously distorting reality.


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5. Blaming Others

This is beyond the idea of blaming someone for misfits on situations.

Often when problems arise we blame others for being the dysfunctional one instead of admitting that the problem also lies within us.

Doing so provides temporary mental and emotional comfort as we continue to try avoid the real cause of the issue. However, it does not resolve the problem, it only causes us to lose valuable relationships.

6. Exaggerating and Catastrophizing

Often, we distort reality by exaggerating a particular situation. Hence our minds process the situation in exaggeration.

For example, “I am always late!” or “You never tell the truth!”, such harsh exaggerations actually create mental patterns that further distorts what is really going on.

It may seem okay, but in reality, catastrophizing and exaggerating can become a habit.

7. Denial

This is the master of all distortions, denying that that you are in denial of the traumatic experiences that caused you to react in a certain way.

Impact of Distortions in Our Overall Wellbeing

Reality distortion is viewed in FasterEFT as a symptom of an underlying “real” problem. The best way to reduce and eliminate distortions is to map the source of the problem. FasterEFT holds a complete understanding on how to map the mind and locate the source of the distortions.

Without addressing distortions of reality, very bad habits can be formed and they can slowly become a part of your character and personality.

It might become a challenge to truly reach your full potential or may result in the manifesting of physical illnesses.


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