It’s not about Right and Wrong – But I’m in the Right!

Using FasterEFT to let go of the memories and experiences that bother you can give you an incredible amount of freedom and happiness – in all areas of your life. However, for many people, letting go of something means excusing it, allowing it, accepting it, or agreeing with it. The truth is, it’s about taking control, and driving your own life experience, making choices that will give you the results you want. Holding onto something that bothers you because of a sense of right and wrong can prevent you from moving forward with the life you want.

What are the Chances…?

Let’s look at the logic: What are the chances of you being able to change what happened (or what is currently happening, or may happen in the future) by holding onto the bad feelings?

If something happened to you in the past that caused you pain, what are the chances of changing that incident or that person by holding onto that pain?

If something is bothering you now, what are the chances of it changing because you’re holding onto the feelings of how bad it is?

If you’re worried about something happening in the future, what are the chances it won’t happen because you’ve held onto the feelings of anxiety and fear?

Holding onto feeling bad – angry, fearful, hurt, resentful, anxious and any other feelings that don’t feel good – does absolutely nothing to promote practical, positive change. What it does do is cause damage to your body through the effects of stress; it affects your current ability to enjoy life and make the most of the opportunities you may have. It also has a detrimental effect on your cognitive thinking – affecting your ability to see things clearly, find solutions to problems, communicate effectively, and so much more!

The Key to Freedom is Letting Go of the Shackles

You may feel trapped; but the shackles are not holding you – you are holding onto them! Every thought and memory that bothers you is a shackle, and as long as you hold onto it, you are keeping yourself trapped. Letting them go is the key to freedom.

But I’m in the Right!

You may be in the right; they may have done you wrong – and whatever was done may be unforgivable. The fact is that holding onto it doesn’t undo it; and it’s unlikely to ever result in the other person suddenly having a change of heart out of the blue (any genuine change of heart they have will come from inside them – not because you’ve been holding on to the bad feelings). Therefore, holding onto the feeling of being right and them being wrong has no effect on the actual situation. All it does is keep you from moving forward with the life you want.

Using FasterEFT to let things go does not excuse them or imply they were not what they were. It simply allows you to get the results you want instead of those you don’t want.

Imagine you’re on a boat. You were told this boat is in perfect condition, so you’ve decided to sail around in it for a bit. However, the person who told you the boat was safe lied, and now it’s leaking. You could complain about the fact that the person lied, and that the boat is sinking – and that’s perfectly natural.

Then, you have a choice. You can hold onto that boat as it sinks because it should not be sinking and it’s wrong that it should be sinking – in which case you will slowly go down with it. Or, you can let go of the boat, and start swimming, and survive to sail a better boat in the future. You could go back to the person who told you the boat was safe, and live with them, reminding them of how wrong they were; or you could go and find someone who is trust-worthy and who has a better boat to offer.

By letting go of the boat to swim to the shore you are not agreeing with the sinking boat – you are simply moving on and choosing survival. By leaving the person who lied to you and moving on to find a better option, you are not condoning their behavior, you are simply moving on to live a life you want to live rather than hanging around an experience you don’t want.

It’s not about right and wrong; it’s about how you want to feel, and what you want to experience. Making choices based on getting the results you want, instead of choices based on judgement of previous results will lead you to freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

How to Let Go

Using the FasterEFT technique to let go of everything you don’t want in your life is effective and fast. Read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems, and then The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step to start letting go of those shackles right now.

To see how others have used FasterEFT to free themselves by letting go of shackles, watch the videos in the FasterEFT in Action Playlist.


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