Can I Change Anything and Everything using FasterEFT?

You can use FasterEFT to change a wide range of issues and problems – from physical ailments and health, to financial patterns and relationships – but there are some things you can’t change. However, what you can do is change your experience of those things.

In other words, if you are not happy with your height, and you wish you were taller, while using FasterEFT will not make you taller, it can make you happy with the height you have. If you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t feel the same about you, while using FasterEFT won’t make that person suddenly fall in love with you, it can help you to change the program running in your subconscious that is causing you to feel attracted to someone who doesn’t feel the same.

For the issues and problems that cannot be changed using FasterEFT, you can change your experience of them. Either way, you will feel better and be happier – even though that may seem impossible right now.

Can I Change Anything and Everything using FasterEFT

I Can’t be Happy Unless it Changes

If there is something that bothers you that cannot be changed using FasterEFT (for example, the color of your eyes, or the fact that a love-one left you) – it may feel like you will never be able to feel okay about it.

However, everything you feel – every reaction you have – is determined by what you hold in your subconscious. Everything you feel comes from the programming, the “proof” your subconscious is referring to. Change that data, and your feelings and reactions, perceptions and perspectives will change automatically – because your subconscious will be referring to different data.

No matter how impossible it seems right now for you to feel happy with a particular situation, the truth is: as long as you are willing to do what it takes, you can be happy in any circumstances – genuinely happy.

How to Change Your Experience with the Things You Can’t Change

Even though it may seem impossible, why not just try it out as an experiment? Think about the thing that bothers you. Notice how you know that it bothers you – what do you feel, where do you feel it, and how strong is the feeling? What thoughts and memories come up when you think about it? Just notice.

Then use the FasterEFT Technique to clear and flip those feelings and memories. Make sure you keep repeating the process until they have completely flipped. For more information on how to flip memories and why it is essential to success, read: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT? You’ll know you’ve completed the job when you genuinely feel acceptance and happiness about the issue you had a problem with before.

From now on, whenever anything bothers you, no matter what it is, use the FasterEFT technique in the moment to clear and flip it. If you cannot tap physically because you’re in public, use Mental Tapping instead.

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