Can FasterEFT Help with Chronic Illness?

For those who have chronic conditions and have tried everything it can be difficult to remain hopeful. It can be difficult to resist falling into despair, hopelessness and helplessness. Tiffany Jeffers and Heather McKean are two of the many people who were in this position and found freedom from all of their conditions – using FasterEFT. While it may sound too good to be true, when you understand how and why FasterEFT works, it makes perfect sense.

Can FasterEFT Help with Chronic Illness

Tiffany has gone from receiving therapy from the VA to help her live with her pain without trying to commit suicide, to living a healthy, active, fun and productive life, free from the chronic illnesses that had debilitated her. Up until October 2013 her conditions included: Severe fibromyalgia; arthritis; chronic fatigue; spinal cord and neck injury; peripheral neuropathy; IBS; asthma; cancer; clinical depression; a range of allergies; and so much more. For the full details of her conditions and how she’s healed, watch the YouTube video: PTSD I had Chronic Headaches, pain, depression, IBS, Cancer, Insomnia and Fibromyalgia

Was Tiffany Miraculously Cured by Being Tapped on Once by Robert G. Smith?

Tiffany Jeffers

The short answer is: No.
So, how did Tiffany become completely free and healthy using FasterEFT? Robert did tap on her once, in a demonstration session at the FasterEFT Transformational Weekend she attended in Oklahoma in October 2013; but that is not what freed her from all of her illnesses. It was the start. What Tiffany learned through that weekend, and from the tapping session with Robert was how to heal herself. She learned how to use the FasterEFT technique to free herself from her chronic conditions and pain. The tapping session Robert did with her took her pain away by addressing certain traumatic memories. But she needed to take the responsibility of continuing from where he left off, in order to experience complete recovery. You can download the session Robert did with Tiffany here: Healing Tiffany with the ART of Change.

Tiffany was thrilled and amazed at the fact that she was pain-free so quickly; however, the most important part of her healing came after that session. She continued to work on herself. She continued to use FasterEFT on her traumatic memories and other stressors. This is how she healed her physical body from the incredible range of chronic conditions she had suffered from for so many years. This is how, two and a half years later she is completely free from pain and living a happy, productive, active life with her husband and children.

One Example of How FasterEFT Works on Chronic Illness

Tiffany says in her videos that through that tapping session with Robert, she realized (because of the process of FasterEFT) that she had stored all of the traumatic memories from her life in her body. In other words, the memories that were too painful to deal with – that she had stuffed down inside herself so that she didn’t think of them consciously – were showing up in pain and other symptoms in her body. As Robert addressed a few of these memories in the demonstration session in the seminar, Tiffany’s pain cleared. By the end of that short session (just under one hour), she was pain-free – she was no longer feeling the pain that she described as the kind of severe pain that makes people want to vomit; the kind that makes people want to commit suicide.

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Does it Come Back?

What she discovered after that session was that whenever she experienced emotions or memories she was too scared or overwhelmed to deal with, she could feel the pain starting to return. When this happened, she would use the FasterEFT process to clear those memories and emotions, and the pain would disappear as a result. The key is to keep using the technique to address anything that comes up, as it comes up.

Really? You Have to Keep Doing it??

This may sound like a chore at first to those who are looking for a one-off miracle cure, but take a moment to think about your teeth, or your garden. If you did a really good brushing session on your teeth, and you got them all clean, would that mean you don’t need to brush them again? If you pulled the weeds in your garden, would that mean that when you see new weeds coming up, you could just leave them because that first weeding job got rid of the others – it should make these disappear too?

Using the FasterEFT technique each time something comes up that bothers you takes less time and physical effort than weeding a garden. And it’s key to maintaining your happiness, health and success. Just as brushing your teeth every day is a small price to pay for strong, healthy teeth, using FasterEFT every day is a small price to pay for living the life you desire!

What About Medical Treatment?

It is essential that you continue to follow the advice of your medical professionals – FasterEFT is not a replacement for medical treatment; it compliments it. Use it in addition to following your doctor’s advice. When you do find you are ready to stop taking medication, make sure you ask your doctor for help in coming off it sensibly and safely.

For more information on Tiffany and her story, visit her website at:  She is now also an Advanced FasterEFT Practitioner, Level IV and provides sessions herself – in person and via Skype.

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