Can FasterEFT Tapping Give You a New Problem?

You may be feeling concerned that using FasterEFT can give you problems you’ve never had before as well as eliminating those you have. However, once you understand how the process works, you will realize that it’s impossible for it to give you a problem you don’t have. The FasterEFT technique helps you to work with your subconscious to make changes to the records or beliefs that you already hold. When you use the process, you are accessing those records that are causing the problems you want to address, letting go of those that limit you, and transforming them to more empowering beliefs. The result is that when your subconscious refers to those new records, it will be influencing your responses, feelings and behaviors in a new, more empowering way.

“New” Problems

When you start cleaning up your subconscious beliefs and transforming them into what you desire, you may notice “new” problems. However, although you may not have been aware of them before, these are not new at all. They’ve been there all along; it’s just that you haven’t been conscious of them because they were overshadowed or hidden by the issues you’ve just cleaned. For example: Let’s say you’ve had intense shoulder pain for a long time; and you’ve used the FasterEFT process to address the emotional references and records that were bothering you. Your shoulder pain has now gone, and you’re enjoying the freedom from that pain.

Then, you notice you have a pain in your lower back that wasn’t there before you used the FasterEFT technique. You may automatically assume that using FasterEFT got rid of your shoulder pain and “gave” you lower-back pain instead. The truth is – the back pain was always there; it’s just that the shoulder pain was so intense that you didn’t notice the back pain before. Now that the shoulder pain has gone, not only can you feel the back pain, but it could also become more intense as you focus on it more. You simply need to use the FasterEFT technique to now address that pain.

Another possibility is that in addressing the emotional references that were causing your shoulder pain, you uncovered other memories or references that were buried before. This doesn’t mean they’re new. They’ve been there all along, and they will definitely have been affecting your life in some way – it’s just that they have now become more visible, which allows you to use FasterEFT to address them and clear them. As each “new” problem or issue or memory comes up, tap on it and flip it. As you do this, you’ll start to see the most remarkable changes in your life. But you do need to keep cleaning as stuff comes up – just as you would keep clearing out a closet or attic until it’s all clear.

Keep Clearing as “New” Stuff Comes Up

Remember, the “new” stuff is not new – it’s been there all along, it’s just that it’s now being revealed because you’ve removed the stuff that was in front or on top of it. When you clean out a closet or attic, as you remove the stuff closest to the door, you’ll find other stuff behind it – stuff you didn’t know was there. You wouldn’t consider that stuff to be new – even if you don’t remember having it before or storing it in the closet or attic – you know that the reason you were unable to see it before and can see it now is because you’ve removed the stuff that was previously blocking it from view. You also wouldn’t give up at that point – if you really wanted the closet or attic cleared out. You wouldn’t believe that continuing to remove that stuff would result in a never-ending stream of “new” stuff.

It’s the same with your mind. Using FasterEFT to change the records that are causing your problems may help you to see other records that need to be changed – that were previously hidden behind those you’ve just cleared. And as you clear, just like the attic or closet, you will start to see progress. Don’t stop – keep going. Keep reminding yourself that all of that stuff has been there all along – all your life – and now you have the opportunity to clean it out and be free.

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