Can I Replace My Medication with FasterEFT?

While FasterEFT is very effective in helping the body to heal itself by changing the original records that are causing physical ailments it is essential to continue to follow the advice of your medical doctor. If you have found that your symptoms have cleared and you wish to stop your medication you must consult your doctor first and follow their advice on coming off the medication. You can use FasterEFT in addition to any medical treatments; there is no need to choose just one or the other. They work in different ways, on different levels, and you need to do both.

Using FasterEFT and Medical Treatments Together

If you are receiving medical treatment for a condition, you will need to continue with it while you are using FasterEFT. Here’s an analogy that explains why:

Imagine you have a dog in your yard; and you’re unaware that there’s a hole in the fence, so the dog escapes. The fence will need to be fixed in order to prevent the dog from escaping again in future. BUT, you also need to go and find the dog and bring him back. FasterEFT mends the fence – solving the cause of the problem. The people who help you look for your dog and bring him back are your medical professionals. Follow their advice while you have the fence mended, and you will have your dog safely back in your yard – and since there is no longer a hole in the fence, he won’t escape again.

What if You Don’t Want to Take Your Medication?

If you’re hoping that using FasterEFT will mean you don’t need to take medication you’re not happy taking, you need to speak with your doctor. If your doctor tells you that you need to continue to take the medication even though you don’t want to take it – Tap on that! Using FasterEFT to get rid of whatever’s bothering you about taking your medication will help you to keep yourself in a state of calm and cooperation so that your body is in the best state to heal. Stress and resistance like the feeling of having to take medication you don’t want to take can hinder and delay healing. Whatever bothers you, make sure you tap it out until it no longer bothers you.

Aiming at the Resistance to Taking Medication

Focus on the feeling of not wanting to take the medication (or not wanting to follow any other advice from your doctor), and notice what it feels like, notice where you feel that sensation and how strong it is, and then use the FasterEFT technique to tap until the feeling changes.

Using FasterEFT in combination with following the medical advice from your doctor is the safest, fastest and most effective way to allow your body to heal itself.

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