“Can Letting Go of Things in My Past Really Heal Physical Pain?”

A client who was experiencing back pain was doubtful that letting go of past experiences could heal her back pain since the pain was physical and very real.

The Brain is the Body and the Body is the Brain

The brain stores the trauma from experiences in the body. You could test that right now: Think of something that bothers you, and notice how you know it bothers you – you will feel some kind of sensation in your body. You know it bothers you because you feel it in your stomach, or your neck, or your back, or your chest, or anywhere else in your body. When you change the record that is stored in the brain, it will automatically result in a change in the way your body feels.

This client cleaned houses for a living; and although the pain in her back was present even when she wasn’t cleaning, the actions of mopping and sweeping made the pain worse. She wore a back brace while she worked in order to try to relieve some of the pressure, and had also been seeing a chiropractor and doing exercises to try to reduce the pain. Before Robert tapped on her, her pain was at a level of 7 out of 10.


Robert asked the client to notice how the pain felt –whether it was a sharp pain, a dull pain or pressure; and she clarified that it was a dull, steady pain that she could feel right across her lower back. Robert asked the client to remember the first time she felt the pain, and she remembered waking up in the morning, feeling it.


Robert tapped on letting go of the helpless feelings and feelings of no control; the feelings that no-one supports her; needing support; emotional hurts and financial stress – releasing and letting it all go.

The Emotional Link

After a few rounds of tapping, the pain had reduced to a level 2, and the client realized that she was carrying guilt for being angry with her mother. Robert asked her to notice the feeling of the guilt (aiming) and then tapped out those feelings, and the back pain disappeared.

If pain was purely physical, it would not change, regardless of changes in emotions, thoughts and tapping. The brain stores emotions in the body. This client had been carrying her feelings of guilt in her lower back; and when those emotions were released, the brain no longer triggered the pain in her back.

Notice that she did not need to know the emotional cause of the pain – she was initially aiming at the feeling of the pain itself; and as the tapping continued, her subconscious accessed the records it held that were connected to that pain. As a result, the realization of the guilt came to her automatically.

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