Can You Tap in the Good Stuff using FasterEFT?

You can tap in the good stuff; however, this will not work if you keep the bad stuff. In other words, you need to clear the old records that your subconscious is referring to before you will be able to benefit from any good stuff you take on.

While you are still carrying “evidence” that proves the bad stuff is true, no amount of tapping in good beliefs, statements or affirmations will produce the results you’re looking for.

In the same way, if you have a garden full of weeds, no amount of new seeds of pretty flowers will make that garden free from weeds. You need to remove the weeds first, in order to make room for the flowers – otherwise the flowers will not survive those weeds.

Robert G. Smith - Founder of FasterEFT
Robert G. Smith – Founder of FasterEFT

It’s Automatic

When you use the FasterEFT process to change the subconscious records that are resulting in the problems you’re experiencing, the problems will automatically change – as a result of the changes to those records.

There is actually no need to then tap in the good stuff since you are no longer limited and will naturally make different choices, notice different opportunities, and behave differently – which will all result in different results.

However, you can tap in the good stuff if you wish – as long as you’ve cleared the old records.

How to Know When You’ve Cleared Out the Old to Make Room for the New

In order to make sure you’ve completely cleared those old records and that they are no longer in the way of what you really want, use your affirmation to test it. Make the statement that you already have what you really want, and notice how that feels; notice what thoughts come into your head.

Then use FasterEFT to address each of the negative feelings and thoughts until you’ve flipped them all. There’s no point in starting to tap in the good stuff until you’re able to make that statement and feel only good feelings about it.

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