Change Can Be Scary!

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Change Can Be Scary!: A Therapist’s Perspective

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT – Jan 6, 2013

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Change Can Be Scary! Robert Smith Faster EFT

Change can be scary! It’s normal to be nervous and anxious about addressing deep issues when our natural instinct is to run. When this happens, it means that you are on the right path and that you are getting closer to making the deep changes. You know that you are getting close to the good stuff when you feel the biggest resistance. Once you make peace with the resistance you will have your personal power back.

In FasterEFT we go inside and make peace with what we have inside us. Feel the resistance, push through it, tap and release, and you will find peace on the other side. Whatever is inside of you is really about you, not about them.

We are so programmed to think that the problems lie outside of us, that someone else is making us feel a certain way. FasterEFT is a simple process whose foundation is based on taking full responsibility that everything inside of you is really you. When you clear your programs and beliefs that you hold inside, your entire life will change. Traditional therapy values insight and processing feelings and emotions. This can be a very long and drawn out process. FasterEFT is great at quickly getting to the core of your bothersome emotions, having you feel them one last time, and then release and let them go, replacing them with new peaceful and happy feelings.

When you begin to look at everything that you have been avoiding as what it really is †“ an opportunity to heal †“ you will be taking that first step in finding peace and personal power within.

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT


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