Confidence Boosting Tips from Robert G. Smith

Confidence is an innate power that is needed in all areas of your life, if you’re aiming for success. Having a healthy amount of confidence in yourself and your abilities allows you to make decisions more easily, take actions you wouldn’t have taken otherwise, and voice your thoughts where you wouldn’t.

Confidence shows in how you communicate with people, the impression you give to others, how you project yourself and how others respond to you. A lack of confidence can significantly jeopardize your chances of success in business, physical health, relationships, personal achievement, social experiences and so much more.


Fake it till you make it

The problem with this saying is of course, the more you try to fake being confidence, wealthy, happy, successful, the more your mind screams at you that you’re lying! Confidence cannot be faked over a long period of time. It’s just not sustainable.

You can fake it for a while, but the mental energy you will use up trying to put on this show will really make you weary and get you frustrated. Genuine confidence will get you the results you are so desperately seeking. In addition to this, people are usually able to detect fake confidence – even if only subconsciously – and this can have a worse effect on your interactions with others than low confidence.

How to cultivate sincere confidence

The only way to have a positive and powerful impact on the world around you, is to improve your confidence in a real and sincere way. Genuine confidence, the kind that radiates off of you in waves, provides you with a feeling of being invincible.

You feel safe, secure and like you can take on the world. This naturally translates through your body language, facial expressions, tone of voice as well as the words you use. This then will naturally affect all of your choices, decisions, behaviors, actions you take, your productivity, your goals, your wealth, relationships, etc. The bottom line is – once you are self-assured, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Confidence just isn’t reserved for the workplace, business or your home. It’s something that impacts all areas of your life. People who are confident seem more motivated to exercise and eat right – which in turn has a knock-on effect on your health of course.

All the small decisions you make throughout your day are affected by your faith in yourself and your ability. This will lead to a completely different destination, experiencing a completely different quality of life.


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How to use FasterEFT to Improve Your Confidence

The original records held in your subconscious that provide “proof” you should not be confident need to be changed, so that you feel genuinely confident in all areas of your life. For more information on what these records are, how they are created, and how they affect your daily life read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

Your subconscious is constantly referring to the records it holds to use as a reference about how the world works. When we refer to a certain memory or experience from our past, it prompts your brain to signal your organs to produce the chemicals that cause the sensations we recognize as emotions.

This means that if your subconscious has a record that supports your low confidence, it will cause your body to produce the chemicals that result in feelings of anxiety, doubt, fear, insecurity and other negative emotions.

When you feel these sensations in your body, your conscious mind automatically reasons and gives meaning to them by assigning matching thoughts like “I can’t do this” and “I’m not good enough” etc. Those thoughts trigger more of those matching chemicals, and so that state is maintained. Your entire system is designed to keep the status quo of low confidence.

In addition to this, since the purpose of the records held in your subconscious is to keep you safe, your subconscious will do whatever it takes to keep you aligned with that state.

The FasterEFT process is designed to access the original records and change them so that your thoughts, feelings and behaviors automatically change accordingly.

You can create the best life ever and I will show you how. from Faster EFT on Vimeo.


Here are some tips to help you along with using the FasterEFT tapping process to  boost your confidence:

-Dance it out

Cranking up your favorite music can do wonders for the mind and body. Listening to songs that inspire confidence can lead to feeling more powerful.


-Stand in the Superman pose

Harvard social scientist affirms that just 120 seconds of powerful posture increases testosterone (dominance hormone) about 20%, while dropping cortisol (stress hormone) ~25%. Superhero posture turns you into a superhero!


-Take Pictures

Yes, become a photographer. Not a professional one, unless that is your calling, but take whatever type of camera you have and start clicking away. Take pictures with your friends, family and colleagues. Or of things you find interesting.


Take selfies as well! Selfies are good for people who lack confidence. Seeing yourself in an image that you can share on social media is an affirmation in action that you are worthy enough to be shared with the world.


-Scent it up

A study found that 90 percent of women who wear perfume are more confident than those who don’t. So go ahead and spritz on your favorite scent. Using your favorite perfume not only makes you smell nice, it also makes you feel more confident.


The key here is that you are boosting your mind to be inspired because you constantly smell something familiar and evoke good feelings and thoughts. In FasterEFT we refer to this as memory reimprinting and it’s a powerful technique that should be used!


-Compliment yourself

Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself ten things you love about yourself. They could be mental, physical or intellectual attributes. You can even write them down in a journal and review tem everyday, thereby implanting a healthy self image in your mind.


But for this to be effective, make sure you use the FasterEFT tapping process to clear out any negative thoughts, experiences and memories that say you aren’t a confident person. Then replace them using memory manipulation and writing down your favorite things about yourself. Be your own lover!


In short, Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations will help you achieve confidence by first focusing on building your self-value. Besides the tips given above, there is a full course that Robert Smith offers, click here to enroll. Join him in the pre-recorded webinar that will help you achieve faster emotionally focused transformations and become a better you!


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