Day 3: Faster EFT Level I Training

It appears that change is a-foot, or a-bed. Day 1 of our Faster EFT Level I Training in OKC began for me last evening after our third roommate showed up. (Jewish tradition has days starting at sundown; and what if “day” and “night” are just labels? All we really know is that it’s dark at one point during a 24-hour cycle, and light at another. And how useful are labels, anyway . . . think AA.)

So, back to our hotel room, I had already “called” the sofa bed, because there was a desk in that space for me to write. And yet, the sofa bed did not appeal. Sweet Celie*, the new stranger roommate, kindly offered me to share the big queen with her.

I gasped in horror. How possibly could I sleep with someone else? I had hot flashes! I woke up a million times in the night! What if she snored and was a “bad” sleeper like me? I think my other roommate had a similar knee-jerk reaction. Because everyone thinks like me.

So, how’d I end up in the bed of a woman (hussy!) I had never met before that night? Because that’s what happened. But it’s not what you think! I swear. I got to thinking, and remembered that Robert had mentioned that he wanted to have a partner in his life, so he started sleeping on the other side of the bed to make room for that partner. I had thought that that was a great idea at the time and that when I got home, I would try that myself. In any case, I figured that eventually I would like a partner in my life. And I saw this bed. It looked comfy. Celie looked comfy. I would also be comfy like that. So I decided to start making peace with someone on the other side of the bed right there on the spot. And I remembered all those fun slumber parties when I was a girl, and decided to go for it. I could always go back to the sofa. The upshot? The bed was cushy. I slept about as well as I usually sleep, which means that in between the waking up times, I really got a lot of sleep in.

I wouldn’t have made that choice had I not come to this FEFT Training. Mostly, I’m trying to keep away from strangers. (I’m failing miserably—Thank the Divine!) So this was a deliberate move toward connection. I’m glad I made that move. And another thing. My other roommate, Penny, well, she removed the clock. I had a more than a moment of panic. How will I know what and how many times I am wakening up in the night if I don’t get to look at the clock and count them off before (hopefully) falling back to sleep! Ohmygosh, girl, let it go, let it go. I made it happily through the night without the clock. Things are changing for me. How about you?

Today, this morning I had a phenomenal crossfire session (I mean, there are not even words for it but I’m feeling so much more me and it feels great) and again, so profound I am not able to write about it at this moment. To do it justice it needs more than 10 words.

In our study with Robert today, we essentially learned that it’s all us that makes up the crap and that if we want to see our lives improve, we need to get to know what’s rattling around inside our unconscious. Our unconscious is way smarter than us and has all the big-gun resources. We carry water pistols of consciousness. We were also reminded that a problem is a successful undesirable outcome. And that no one, none of us are broken.

So making friends with our unconscious, or the resources inside that are driving the plane, and possibly taking our unconscious with all its peccadillos out to dinner might help, too, ideally at the restaurant of its (the unconscious’) choice, or the spa, or maybe just a really good movie. Once you have ceded this far, then you can begin to join forces with your unconscious, and then things will really begin to change for you, in unexpected ways of your life. I’m not sure that Robert would say it this way but I’m paraphrasing.

Watching the Placebo Movie

Like many people in the room, tears or upset came as we “gave it up” at different moments. Tears came unbidden for me watching the young student journalist with crippling lack of confidence who in the end stopped the fighting. I performed the tapping process and also made one of my many, many notes about another issue that needed cleaning up: I chose not to go into Journalism because I was afraid to ask people questions because when I was quite young, asking questions was cause for humiliation, verbal abuse, or the questions made others uncomfortable. And that was underscored in a college experience where I was harassed and threatened for uncovering embezzlement (petty, at the college level) of the International Student Society and the story never came out publicly. And, I grew up in a family witnessing fighting and violent outbursts on occasion. I’m ready to clean it all up. These stories are springing up like mushrooms after a spring rain.

About Made Up Memories

“Shite,” as our Irish friends would say. It’s so simple. Why did no one ever think of employing it till now? Creating false memories to feel good instead of to feel bad. It’s brilliant! And so incredibly simple!

I love what E. Loftus in the movie said: “Memory is like a Wikipedia… you can go in and change it, but so can other people.” Give yourself permission to act as if the thing isn’t a problem. So rewrite your story.

*Name changed for privacy

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Is an EFT practitioner, writer, editor, and author of Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional Pain and Illness (Llewellyn Fall 2015), and an eager learner of the thinking system of FasterEFT.  She is proud mama to a nearly 17-year-old son, who is a delight and continual inspiration, and there is also a cat, Mr. Purr, (Bob Purr), who owns them both.

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