Day 4 – We Don’t Work 9 – 5. We Work 9 – 9

Yes, Robert kept us here till close to 9 pm. And you should have heard all the big, fat, nasty, swear words I said about the situation to the woman with whom I had a Faster EFT session this morning. I cursed to my heart’s content. And…it felt good. And then, it was gone. And in its place was the reason that I was so angry. I was scared shitless, about what going hungry and being tired meant for me. And that’s what I tapped on. Thank you, Robert, for the trigger.

My whole body is changing, for the good! I’m turning into the INCREDIBLE HULK! No, really, I’m letting go, and it feels sooooo good! I just never had the keys till now. I have regularly and often said that the body never lies. It always tells the truth. I just couldn’t crack my own nut, so to speak. I’ve started to unravel the issues that have kept my body in tension, tightness, pain, and fear for these past many years. It’s pretty f-in amazing. Because I have always believed that I am one of those tough cases, those associators who goes all over the place, the lost causes where things will never work. That is f—in bullshit! And I’m soooo glad that I am gaining the understanding of this system, because it was the missing piece for me!!!!!!!!! Exclamation points times a googal. Not google.




Swearing, Cursing: Get Over It

Now, for something completely different. Swearing, cursing, and the like reminds me of a story that happened when my son was about 11 or so. I was at the time working in a writing factory (there are such things, and the name of the company was Thomson Reuters, Findlaw). I think that if FasterEFT (or me) gets sued for publishing this I have many colleagues who can swear to the fact that it was a writing factory. Let it go, Kathy, let it go, Peace… I don’t have any money so FL won’t get anything out of me. But future paced, I’m loaded with money, literally, it’s everywhere!

(I cannot wait to try FasterEFT on my clients!!!)

Anyway, back to cursing, I was coming off fibromyalgia at the time, and this was the first fulltime work I’d had since my son was born. He was 9. This work kept me 60, 70 hours a week, because I couldn’t get the hang of it right away. I didn’t even know what litigation meant when I started. And I’m really, really smart.

Anyway, about this time in our lives, my son took to giving me the finger, you know which one. He especially did this f-you at the worst times, during the evenings, when we were rushed, and I was about to tell him all the things that he was supposed to do, whether it was math, or cleaning up the room, or just shutting up (I didn’t use those words but inside that’s what was going on). I would get very mad. My mad looked like emotional disconnection.

Naturally, this approach wasn’t working very well for me, and especially not for him. So, I figured out something… thanks to EFT tapping and the third finger, the F—finger, it’s actually relating to the heart.

So, next time he laid it right at me, I said, “Oh, Honey, you’re giving me the love finger. How sweet. I love you too.”

Surprised. He was. This was a real different reaction from the usual one from mom.
My son tried the finger again. And again, I did the same thing: “Oh, sweetie, thanks for giving me all the love. Give me some more, honey.” And he did. And we started to smile. My heart smiled a little itty bitty bit.

But he still didn’t listen to me that night. I don’t think that he was quite ready to listen to me, because I wasn’t in any position yet to actually see him and meet his needs.

Anyway, we did this little dance with the f-finger over the course of a few weeks, and I, too, began giving him the finger. That was fun! (we also did this in public on occasion, and it wasn’t so fun for the people who were watching us, but that wasn’t our problem.) I started asking him to give me the love. That meant, of course, for him to give me the finger. It became a joke between us. Eventually, the finger from him became quite half-hearted. And I’d coax him into really meaning it when he gave me the finger. And things started to change for us.

This was a kind of defractionating (whatever the word is). I finally stepped out of the trance, and then I was able to bring him out!

thumbKathilyn Solomon

Is an EFT practitioner, writer, editor, and author of Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional Pain and Illness (Llewellyn Fall 2015), and an eager learner of the thinking system of FasterEFT.  She is proud mama to a nearly 17-year-old son, who is a delight and continual inspiration, and there is also a cat, Mr. Purr, (Bob Purr), who owns them both.

Contact: or www.eftminnesota.com.

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