Day 6 – “At Play in the Fields of the Lord”

Understanding a Bit More About Faster EFT: 

The FasterEFT system is a thinking system. Learn how we think, how we hold our memories, and we take control of our lives. Amy Pohler says, “Own your real estate.” It’s that simple. So…

At first I just thought (read: the program I was running in my mind) Robert G. Smith, who was leading the FasterEFT Level I seminar was a liar and a cheat because he was capitalizing on the EFT name by using it with FasterEFT. Then I just thought (another program) that he was a, well, you know, not a very nice guy. Then I thought, sheesh that dude has something to share

(another program, but an upgrade from the others). Then, as the concept of “change the way we hold the memories” and our life changes (this is my translation), began to saturate more fully, I realized this guy is sharing some profound, radical good stuff: the truth! A thinking system for figuring the shi— in one’s life out and cleaning it up and out! It’s been the missing piece for me.

And then what happens?

I just wanted him to notice me. See me. See me (biiiiiiiihhhhhhg program—guess I need to start seeing myself for who I am).

And at this point, my library with many issues of guy fiction books and stories really came to the fore (and no, I haven’t flipped all those memories yet; so many issues, so little time). I knew it was a “trance,” that I was running a “program,” a tape in my mind that had been looping and relooping for years. How do I know this? For the devil’s sake (we Jews don’t believe in the devil, BTW, or in heaven, or in hell), I used to fall into fantasy with everyone from the chiropractor to man at the Home Depot when I saw a man with tools at the checkout (and let’s not even talk about the actual “romantic” relationships I have had). Sometimes this would happen at a restaurant; regularly it happened when I saw a man holding a little boy (let it go, let it go, let it go, it’s safe to let all of that go now, PEACE!). I would want that man to come home with me, to father my son, to fix us. Because I’m a fixer upper.  My gosh, you cannot imagine how breathtaking I’m gonna be when I’m done with me!

Anyway, when I saw these guys, grief, trauma, all the familial, cultural, institutional programming about single mothers and their “ilk” (this part: let go of the anger, letting it go, it’s okay to let it go. And then this part: feel those fingers thumping on my chest because that was what was real right now and that’s what would bring me back out of the rage about others defining, labeling and judging me and my son and back into the now) gushed over me, and I drowned, time and again, in the lies. Once, I hired a young guy out of the parking lot to fix a bunch of crap in the house, paid him, and he took off never to be seen from again. They all abandon me! Even the handimen! What is wrong with me?!!! Change the way we hold the memory. Change the program. Get a happy fantasy!

So back to the point (it’s not ALL about me, except that it is. I’m writing for myself, not for you!), that’s how I ended up, chasing Robert G. Smith around the dance floor and I’ll be da—ed if he didn’t run from me, and yes, I was humiliated, and yes, I couldn’t even bring myself to barely look at him I was so mortified, and yes, it’s still all up. But not as much as it was yesterday, because yes, I’m cleaning this up, clearing it out, even if I have to work with the man himself. Because there are no great men. There are just great programs.

Tomorrow I’m going to start telling you a bit more story.

P.S. Also, I might add, I’m Jewish, and we Jews, well, we don’t go for Jesus like the Christians do. But….guess what? I think I get some of that stuff he was saying, but I think it was Isaiah who said it first – the blind shall see (or something like that!) It’s about truth. Nothing to do with God. The keys to the kingdom are all in your head! Yikes! Yum!

thumbKathilyn Solomon

Is an EFT practitioner, writer, editor, and author of Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional Pain and Illness (Llewellyn Fall 2015), and an eager learner of the thinking system of FasterEFT.  She is proud mama to a nearly 17-year-old son, who is a delight and continual inspiration, and there is also a cat, Mr. Purr, (Bob Purr), who owns them both.

Contact: or www.eftminnesota.com.

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