How to Deal with Conflict at Work using Faster EFT


There are many aspects to dealing with conflict in the workplace.


And one of the most important things in knowing how to deal with difficult colleagues, is knowing where your part of the responsibility lies and where their part lies.


To understand the dynamics of how people think is to understand why we have conflict with individuals at work, at home and in our families.


There are a few common themes that emerge when you start working with Faster EFT.


It’s not uncommon that when people start working with a Faster EFT practitioner they are drawn back to their childhood.


Perhaps they had a difficult relationship with their brother, sister or mother – because of a little green eyed monster called jealousy.


For example,


Peter was 4 years old, when his mother started giving him more attention than his older brother, Mark, who was 10 years old at the time.


This led to Mark feeling jealous and where the conflict began.


He used this jealous emotion to constantly pick on Peter, beat him and bully him.


As they both grew up, their relationship developed in this conflict filled way.


In the same vein, some people are jealous of you, because you have something they don’t.


Perhaps you got the project they thought they deserved.


Some are angry that you got the boss’ attention and they didn’t.


Some people from your past, at school, were bothered that you were the teacher’s favorite.


Or they are looking for a scapegoat to pick on.


This is a common cause for conflict in the workplace and even places of business.



Conflict Finds Me

What happens is, you as the individual, depending on where you are and how you deal with things, sometimes, will bring your past into the workplace.


What we mean is, we will bring our own past abuses, with us and use them as a yardstick for how others at work are treating us.


There could be instances in your past, where just like Peter, people picked on you.


This experience left a heavy emotional mark on your mind, and we, as humans, have a tendency to keep replaying those traumatic memories over and over again.


We create conflict within ourselves.


You may find yourself thinking, “They’re going to pick on me again.”


Or. “I’m looking for someone to pick on me.”


Or better yet, you’ve never been picked on before, but presently, you’re in a new place of work or business, and all of a sudden you become the centre of attention.


This conflict take many forms.

Perhaps they may start gossiping about you, or they may be mean to you for no apparent reason, or they may pick on you for no reason, because of their own emotional issues.


Here are 2 parts of this conflict you have to be aware of:


  1. Your part: Which is are you using your past experiences as confirmation for playing the role of being a victim?


Do you always think that someone is out to get you?


Are you constantly dreading doing better than your colleagues because you’re afraid they might get jealous, angry, resentful etc.?


Do you find yourself saying and doing things that can be avoided, but cause conflicts?


2. Their part: That these individuals in the workplace are picking on you, not because you did something wrong, but because you did all the right things and they’re jealous.


This happens in all areas of life.

Whether you are with your family members, colleagues, bosses, partners or children.

Sometimes, it is not something you did, but their reaction to something you did.

They have their own internal conflicts that they have not resolved, which come out as aggression.


How to Resolve Conflict

As we mentioned before, take responsibility for your own part in the conflict.


This could be hard to do.


You may be thinking, they’re picking on me, so why should I take responsibility?


Just take a few moments and ask yourself this next time you are in a conflict –


What is my response to them?


Am I lashing out?


Am I feeling hurt?


Am I feeling overwhelmed?


Am I angry?


What Robert G. Smith suggests doing is releasing the emotions, releasing your feelings, releasing your own hurts from past traumas using the Faster EFT technique.

The Level 1 Online Training teaches you how to get personal control.


The first thing, always, in any situation of conflict, is to clean up YOUR history.


This can go as far back as your childhood, which may have nothing to do with your workplace.


But that’s how the subconscious mind works.


Read: How to do the Faster EFT Tap – The Basic Recipe


If you’re in the workplace and you become the center of someone’s attacks, what do you do?


  1. Notice what you feel about this situation, and use Faster EFT to tap on it.
  2. Keep your integrity, and if you’re too close to the situation to tap on it yourself, then take it to someone who can help you.

Visit: I want to speak to a Faster EFT Practitioner

  1. After you’ve cleared out the emotions, you’ll be able to see things clearly and take the appropriate actions.


Like perhaps talking to your boss, or going to the HR department.


Maybe they can help you resolve it.


Or maybe they can’t.


But either way, another way WILL be made clear to you, once you’re not drowning in those emotions of panic, anxiety and hurt.


The key is to take responsibility for your own stuff.  


Feel and address your own pain to keep your sanity while in the middle of a conflict.


In most cases involving workplace conflict, we have a tendency to start thinking, “What did I do wrong?”


“What’s wrong with me?”


Then you start beating yourself up.


Don’t do that!


That’s counter productive.


Stop right there and use the Faster EFT tapping technique in the moment.


This will help you realize that what comes out of you is about you and what comes out of them is about them.
Keep tapping keep doing what’s right, keep your integrity and keep moving forward.


These conflicts will help you become a better and greater person, if you work through it.

Resolve your conflicts in November!

Did you know that the way we love is learned?

It starts at birth and every experience we have from that moment on shapes our thought and actions today.

Understanding the complexities of the unconscious mind is the first step to understanding yourself and others.

Once you understand how your personal belief system is constructed then you can start to reshape all the negative impacts and replace them with positive creations.

Being happy in life and love is the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

The most successful relationships take hard work, and the first step in improving your relationships is to work on yourself.

We do not believe in broken people here at Faster EFT, we just simply believe that you are very successful in your faults.

It takes hard work to and dedication to be that successful, all you need to do is recognize that within yourself.

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