Dealing with Hypocrites

We all know at least one “hypocrite”! The person who criticizes others for certain behaviors or choices, but displays those behaviors or makes those choices themselves. The person who preaches one thing and does the opposite. Society as a whole despises hypocrites – they are looked down on, an considered despicable by most.

However, the truth is, we are all hypocrites to one degree or another. If you start pay attention to what you criticize others for, or what you proclaim others should do – if you start really listening carefully to what you say about others – if you’re completely honest with yourself, you’ll notice you don’t always subscribe to your own beliefs, policies and preaching.

Each of us is a “hypocrite” to a certain extent, even if it’s only in the smallest way; it’s part of being human.

Dealing with Hypocrites

Big Hypocrites

Naturally, the hypocrites that bother us are not those who say one thing and do another with the small stuff – punctuality, positivity and other small fry – what really causes anger and frustration are those who are hypocritical about the big stuff.

Politicians are an excellent example; perhaps a boss or colleague at work; and that self-righteous neighbor or family member who criticizes and judges others while committing the same acts themselves.

Very often, when called out on their hypocrisy, a committed hypocrite will defend their own choices with logic that doesn’t make sense (or worse, that does make sense). Their “double standards” can cause intense frustration and resentment in those around them.

How to Deal with Hypocrites

As we know, we cannot change others. We can make suggestions, we can try to persuade, but we cannot make someone change. But this doesn’t mean we have to simply put up with their behavior – while we cannot change them, we can change our own experience of them.

The only thing we have complete control over is our own experience of the world and of other people. You will notice that some people are not only not bothered by hypocrites, but don’t even recognize or notice them. The reason for this is not necessarily because they don’t care, are hypocrites themselves, or are ignorant – it is because they do not have the references in their subconscious that relate to hypocrisy in the same way.

If hypocrites bother you it’s because you have evidence in your subconscious that supports that response. In order to free yourself from the effects of the hypocrites, you need to change the references inside you that cause that response.

Take a moment to take a deep breath and close your eyes. Now think about the hypocrites that bother you, and notice how you feel. Notice the feeling that comes up in you as you think about them. Where in your body do you feel it? How strong is it?

Now, think back to your earliest memory of encountering a hypocrite – it might be an experience you had personally, or you may remember hearing about it from someone else. Whatever it is, just notice it, and notice how you know hypocrisy is a bad thing.

Next, use the FasterEFT Technique to tap on that memory and flip it. Once you’ve flipped it, think about the hypocrites in your life now, and notice if the feeling of being bothered by them is still the same or if it’s changed in any way.

Then, use the FasterEFT technique again to tap out that feeling until it completely changes.

Don’t stop until it’s transformed.  From now on, whenever you find yourself feeling bothered in any way by hypocrisy, use FasterEFT in the moment to clear those feelings. If you can’t tap physically because there are people around, use Mental Tapping – and try to catch it as early as possible to nip that feeling in the bud before it gets too strong.

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