What Delays Healing and How to Overcome It

Scientists have long been studying the impact of psychological stress on healing. Whether an illness is visible or not, chronic or acute, the mind has the power to heal it.

Our body is naturally programmed to heal and protect itself and this ability is connected to the mind. Unfortunately, through our toxic beliefs we picked up since our childhood, we forget to give more importance to healing using the mind.

Tapping with Robert

FasterEFT on Stress and Healing

Converging evidence show that mental strain is among the top factors that curb healing. FasterEFT is a mind-body healing system that understands the root of stress, how it can amplify the source of illness to produce physical manifestations.

Science agrees that psychological stress has a direct influence on healing, may it be mental, emotional or physical. This is the reason why FasterEFT has become one of the most acclaimed tools in psychotherapy today.

Stress can delay healing. Knowing this is the first step in solving the issue at its core, because stress affects so many other aspects of one’s life. To map the source of stress in one’s mind is a difficult endeavor.

However, with the FasterEFT and its techniques being made available to people around the world, it has been proven that it’s one of the best stress busting modalities of the modern age.

Stress can delay any type of healing because your mental resources are caught up in problems, which could have otherwise been used by the body to promote faster and efficient healing. Faster EFT can help you activate mental healing by providing tools that you can use to stop stress in its tracks.


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How the Mind Helps Heal the Body

The mind is the center your wellbeing, not only psychological well-being but physical wellbeing. The mind contains every ounce of wellness you need, not only to prevent diseases but cure and reverse the effects of certain illnesses.

The ‘Placebo Effect’ has long been studied by science, the use of placebo to cure a broad spectrum of illnesses has been published time and again.

FasterEFT goes above and beyond effects of placebo. It is a healing system that can trigger your own body’s healing mechanism. It is a system that will help you eradicate toxic belief systems on how the cycle of illnesses play in your life.

Faster EFT has shown a significant effect on people’s ability to heal allergies, phobias and other disorders whose causes are unknown.

Through the FasterEFT technique you can realign your body’s healing function and make it work more efficiently.

The 5 Principles of Mind-Body Healing Using FasterEFT:

1. Purge of Unhealthy Stress Responses

As mentioned earlier, stress is the leading cause of delay in healing. Without stress, even a wound can heal faster. Stress can cause our immune system to falter or work slower than it should. In cases of illnesses, what can happen is stress invites further degeneration of healthy tissues, thus inviting more illnesses to manifest.

FasterEFT can help purge stress responses, allowing a person who is currently sick or recuperating from an injury or disease to activate mental healing by making the body more relaxed.

2. Allow Your Body to Concentrate on Healing

By locating where the issue is, Faster EFT can help you focus more on healing the area where there is a problem. This allows your brain to control a particular part of your body which is reacting to an illness and reverse its effects.

Meditation has long been used this way to divert your healing resources to the most important part of the body. FasterEFT can help you achieve the same effects without having to learn how to meditate for hours just to promote healing. In fact, if you are an avid meditator, learn how FasterEFT can help boost the effects of mediation.

3. Reprogramming the Source of an Illness

Illnesses will never manifest in your physical body without its source in the mind. Even long-term effects of an injury can be reversed and healed.

To truly get rid of chronic and recurring illnesses that are debilitating, you need to find its source, collapse the structure and create a new program that is aligned in health and wellness.

Stored memories in our deeper consciousness carry mental programs of illnesses. These memories are the basis of what cause an illness and what is healthy. FasterEFT memory reimprinting and manipulation resolve issues and collapse any mental structure that delays healing. Get started today for free, if you are new to Faster EFT.


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4. Intention to Heal

There are so many aspects of healing that is covered within FasterEFT belief system. Our intent to heal is one, which is a little different than our intent to be well.

Of course, the reason you are reading articles like this one is because you have the intent to be well and healthy. But to truly heal, you need to change to acquire the “intent to heal.”

If you program the mind with this intention, your mental resources can trigger natural body responses that are more specific to the area of your body/life that requires healing.

5. Emotions Carried by Memories

Your memories are carrier of emotions, which your body’s response system relies on. To promote faster healing, whether from an illness or an injury, it is necessary to feel good. Faster EFT understands that is easier said than done.

That is why, the techniques offered by FasterEFT to promote healing enables a person to release negative emotions that delay healing. Allowing the body’s natural healing response to be heightened and active.


The Faster EFT healing process is easy, self-applicable in most cases and non-invasive. It can allow a person to reach an alpha level of mind that is similar to meditation or can even help you boost the effects of meditation.

Moreover, as you go about learning about FasterEFT, you will discover how to tap into this rich vein of wellness that we somehow forget as we go through our busy lives.



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