Discover How FasterEFT Complements Meditation

For centuries, meditation has been used to calm the mind and achieve focus. Meditation is a practice that is very beneficial in maintaining mental, physical and emotional health. There are many types of meditation that one can put into practice. But it requires time and patience to avail the full effects of meditation and train the mind to be calm.

FasterEFT is not a form of meditation, but it is also focused on calming the mind through a highly effective technique called tapping. Tapping through FasterEFT can end the stress responses coming from within your deeper consciousness. In other words, if FasterEFT is practiced before or after meditation, one can easily achieve a meditative state allowing the mind to be calm and focused.

Discover How FasterEFT Complements Meditation

Common Challenges in Meditation Resolved by FasterEFT:

1. Impatience

It is very common for novice meditators to experience impatience during meditation. The urge to do something else and move is the biggest challenge of meditation. Impatience becomes the reason meditation is cut short because of the inability to concentrate and focus.

The key to offsetting impatience during meditation sessions is to recognize where it is rooted. The mind being complex, one must understand how the feeling of impatience is structured from within. Any emotion or thought always has a precursor or origin.

FasterEFT is being used by avid meditators to help ease the mind and remove the feelings of impatience. It is a highly-specialized technique that can instantly solve impatience and change the mental patterns causing the urge to move or do something else.

By isolating or reimprinting the feeling of impatience we can practice the art of letting go which aligns you back to the pure essence of meditating.

2. Unclear Intentions

Why are you meditating? The purpose of meditation is to clear the mind and achieve a one-pointed thought. Most meditators, monastic and lay, still encounter the challenge of piercing through clear intentions of meditation.

Most people have a long list of issues they want to resolve thinking that meditation will resolve them the moment they enter a meditative state. What happens instead is that their thoughts become clouded and blurry because of focusing on the problem. This is actually very counterproductive and works against the essence of meditation.

FasterEFT can teach you how to de-fractionate, a practice that can take you out of a problematic thought and realign you back with concentration. Every time we think of a problem our mind places us in a trance, a state of being wherein your actions and mental patterns are tapped into an auto-pilot. Trances can take your out of mindfulness and can cause you to break the meditative state or not even get into it.


hugs-faster-eftFasterEFT is an empowering mind tool which helps you release the stress and emotions associated with pain. Pain is necessary in our bodies to protect us. It is our bodies mechanism to stop us from being burnt, hurt, squashed, trapped and broken. There are two very different types of pain though, one is pain as we feel it and one is suffering as we respond to pain. With ongoing suffering we receive attention and love and support from those around us, at times it defines us and becomes part of our personality to be in suffering. But can we release this suffering? Does it feel separate to pain and how does the mind store it? Click here to learn more.


3. Fear and Doubts

To sit aiming to calm the mind may not be a scary idea at first, but most meditators find this to be a scary beginning. When we try to calm the mind, the louder the voices in our head gets. The moment we try to still the internal noise, the rise of fear and doubts arrives.

This is one thing that occurs to novice meditators. To put an end to fears and doubts, whether it is for the purpose of meditating or simply to improve your life, you need to find the cause.

We all operate from one imprint to the next, meaning fears and doubts are produced from our memories within the subconscious and unconscious. To stop producing fear, you have to reimprint the memories supporting the structure of fear from deeper consciousness.

Faster EFT is a mental healing modality that helps people eradicate the cause of fear through memory reimprinting by helping an individual release the emotions carried by the memories.

It’s time to start investing in yourself, FasterEFT gives you what you need!

Avoiding Meditation Pitfalls Through FasterEFT

FasterEFT complements meditation, the reason behind this is because it is a mental healing system bound to the power of the mind to heal and transform. Meditation is a very helpful practice. It can help you achieve balance in life and achieve a happier state of being.

By combining Faster EFT techniques before you start meditation or when encountering a hurdle during meditation you can easily achieve focus and revert back to the feeling of relaxed state.

Faster EFT is a technique that can keep your emotions and thoughts in check before you sit down to meditate. If used before beginning a meditation session, it can help eradicate bothersome thoughts that do not contribute to concentration.

Using this process as part of your daily meditation routine, you will be amazed how you can boost the effects of meditation and achieve a calmer and peaceful state without having to avoid confronting negative emotions.


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