Discover How FasterEFT Helped a Musician Out of a Cult

Our personal belief systems can work for us or against us. FasterEFT is a healing system designed and created to help people collapse belief systems that don’t benefit them. Jon Harald Gjesdal is among those people who got trapped into a belief system that did not allow for his growth,  and most importantly swayed him away from his music and love for musical arts.

After his first FasterEFT Seminar in Budapest, his life changed. FasterEFT was slowly able to realign him back to the things that mattered to him – namely, his music and freedom. He was given a chance to break free from a system of beliefs that kept him from achieving his full potential.

This is what Faster EFT does amazingly – liberate people from anything that causes suffering.

Joining A Cult

Most people who join organizations that are cult-like in nature will have a hard time getting out. These systems are designed to brainwash an individual to subscribe to a belief system that otherwise mainstream religious or spiritual systems do not teach.

Often cults have a great message and vision that they pass along to their followers, but in reality, these are nothing but a play on words to get people under their command.

When Jon Harald joined a cult in 1992, it became a tragic experience that he seemed to be unable to get out of. The belief that was enforced into his mind discouraged him from playing the piano or to be close to family and friends.

He stayed in the cult for eight years which caused psychological trauma and led to an incapacitating mental breakdown.

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This caused him to develop fears, anxiety and depression. The reason for this is because cult beliefs often go against our inherent nature. This is the key to making someone more obedient. They manipulate individuals about their professions and install belief systems that benefits the organization but not the individual.

Cults are designed to provide something believable and from there onwards build a network of beliefs that sound comfortable to the mind, but in reality, it is a ploy to gain full control over a follower’s life.

But because the mind is so powerful on its own, it begins to choose alternate ways to expel the toxic belief system to get the person to act more in alignment with their true life’s purpose. A person may begin questioning things around them leading to a rise in traumatic stress responses.


Break Free From Toxic Beliefs – Transform Your Life With FasterEFT

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Breaking Free from a Cult

It is not easy to break free from a cult. But FasterEFT makes it easier because it is a system that can collapse toxic belief systems directly from within the mechanics of the mind.

As the mind adapts to a clearer and better understanding of the world outside the cult, it will create new responses in the behavior. FasterEFT can help someone slowly adapt to a new way of thinking that is more aligned to the person’s idea of happiness.

Psychotherapy can be of great help, and if applied with FasterEFT, a person’s mental recovery is guaranteed to be faster and more sustainable. There are thousands of psychotherapists who apply the FasterEFT techniques to solve mental problems that are caused by toxic belief systems.

Jon Harald Gjesdal’s Life Changed by FasterEFT

Faster EFT was able to help Jon find his way back to creativity and boost his passion to create and play music. Jon’s passion may be in the musical arts, but FasterEFT has helped thousands of people discover their passion and life’s purpose.

People whose lives were changed by FasterEFT were able to sustain their happiness and see the world as a happy, peaceful place.

Discover more of Jon’s Story at Stress Expert.


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