Discover Growth Mindset This 2017 Through FasterEFT

What makes the difference between a successful person and you? Often most people are riddled with ideas of what makes a person accumulate great success while some do not. There has been a lot of research done on what creates success.

Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations or FasterEFT puts great emphasis on how our mindsets affect our physical health, wealth and spirituality. It delivers the unparalleled teachings about how one can easily conquer problems such as discomfort, ailments and inability to succeed in life.

Discover Growth Mindset This 2017 Through FasterEFT

FasterEFT on Mindsets

Wikipedia offers a good definition of mindsets. It says,” it is a phenomenon that is sometimes called mental inertia, group think or paradigm, and it is often difficult to counteract its effects upon analysis and decision making process.”

Having a certain mindset as a psychological phenomenon, meaning that it is a fact and its existence is undeniable through observation. FasterEFT was developed by Robert G. Smith and continues to grow as a system that observes this phenomenon and how unique and intrinsic mindsets are created with great variations from one person to another.

The greatest thing about having a certain mindset is that it can be collapsed, restructured, reconditioned and realigned to activate mental healing in cases of “disorders,” and to promote growth in every aspect of a person’s life.

We say every aspect because mindsets are the precursor to a person’s spiritual growth, mental health, emotional health, success in life and physical health. In other words, your current mindset will determine your quality of life.

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The Two Most Discussed Mindsets

Every spiritual and mental healing system today talks about the two mindsets that were further studied and explained by the renowned Carol Dweck of Stanford University, Professor of Psychology. In her work, she mentions the two types of mindsets that people are accustomed to; Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset.

Later on, we will try to explain FasterEFT’s understanding on the two, and how it can be transformed to create a more meaningful life experience. For now, here is her understanding of what these two mindsets are:

Fixed Mindset – People who are accustomed to having fixed mindset believe that all their characteristics, talents and skills are fixed and take little to no effort to further their skills.

Growth Mindset – People who subscribe to the growth mindset understand that everything can be learned, relearned and developed. They take action and believe that their brain and talents are the only starting point.


Transformational Retreat in Adelaide, Australia – March 2017

The Transformational Retreat is a 2 day weekend introduction to FasterEFT. You will learn the basics of the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith. This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems.

Robert Smith also selects volunteers from the audience to be tapped in the “Hot Seat” and this retreat is your opportunity to be that person! Please click here to view full event description.


The FasterEFT Belief on Mindsets

What other thinking systems fail to address most of the time is the fact that one person can have these two types of mindsets relative to a particular subject.

In other words, you may have a growth mindset in terms of business, but a very limited or fixed mindset in terms of furthering other aspects of your life. In short, we need to aim for a growth mindset that generally affects all aspects of our life. 

What influences mindsets?

It is definitely true that mindsets exist, no argument in that one. But what influences a person to either adopt a fixed or growth mindset is the culture, society, family and community surrounding them. These factors play an important role in shaping our mindset.

The Faster EFT belief system answers this question simply:

You are what you create and you produce what you hold valid and true within your deeper consciousness.

To explain further, the subconscious and unconscious are the tank that stores your memories and holds the records that fuel your mind with references to building the structure of your mindsets.

Meaning you cannot feel limited by default, something must have happened in the past that caused you to believe you are limited and fixed. As a human being, you have an intrinsic need for growth, your cells grow and regrow every second, your consciousness flourish every single second.

To say and think that you are limited is false in so many angles.

What binds you to a particular mindset is the value of emotions that you hold within your memories that cause you to believe something is true. Say for example, you believe you are ugly, if you hold that within you it is very possible that you have experiences in your past or memories that convince you that you are ugly.

The whole world may disagree but your belief in how you look is limited. Unless that intrinsic belief is collapsed, you can have a million people praise your beauty but you will never feel or see it as true.

The Growth Mindset

It is agreeable that we should develop growth mindsets. Deciding that you want growth and wish to leave limited mindsets behind is the initial step. But it isn’t that easy leaving behind years of training yourself to feel limited.

That is the resolution that Faster EFT wishes to deliver. How to break-free from limited mindsets by reimprinting the memories that fuel the structure.

Memory reimprinting allows the person to change and adjust the emotions carried over by memories that directly affect their perception of reality.

In other words, releasing the emotion and memories in which the fixed mindset is found can create wonders in creating psychological flexibility and that is the only way to really achieve a growth mindset.


Level 1 Training in Adelaide, Australia – March 2017

Level 1 Training is a 7-day personal transformational training seminar that teaches you how to use the FasterEFT tapping style to tap on yourself. It includes the weekend Transformational Retreat introduction to FasterEFT (Sat, Sun), and continues on for another 5 days (Mon-Fri) of more in-depth training.

You will learn the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith. This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems, and to anyone who wants to become a FasterEFT practitioner. Click here for the full event description.

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