Discover and Learn the Truth and Science Behind FasterEFT

FasterEFT is built with thorough research. The strategies, methodologies and techniques involved in FasterEFT are backed not only by science but is in fact a mature modality that has helped a lot of people even before it soars to popularity. Our YouTube Channel has become even more popular and reached a broad viewership across that globe, together with the rapidly growing community of friends in Facebook, we are so thankful to become a huge part of people’s lives. But don’t just believe us because we say it works. It is best to read through this article and learn the science behind how FasterEFT came to be known for its miraculous approach in healing and wellness.


Discover and Learn the Truth and Science Behind FasterEFT

Why FasterEFT is Always Confused with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique or more popularly known as EFT was developed by Gary Craig and FasterEFT, Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations, was founded and developed by Robert Smith. Sounds almost the same, and they have similar goals – to bring wellness to people who are suffering.

Both also involves tapping but there are very notable differences in the techniques and belief system. FasterEFT is painless and same is true with EFT. Some techniques involved deal with emotional discomfort but only very minimal for a few moments. Even with the discomfort, it isn’t any worse than what we consistently do in our minds.

The most notable advantage of FasterEFT is that it produces results as it allows changes on how the subconscious stores, process and replicate events from our past. In short it allows an individual to get rid of their usual thought patterns in re-creating the problem.

FasterEFT and EFT both empowers and encourages people to take responsibility for their personal healing and not always dependent on practitioners.

Main Reason Why FasterEFT Became the Better Choice

FasterEFT denied the belief of traditional EFT that “the cause of all negative emotions is the disruption in the body’s energy system.” Traditional EFT subscribes to the idea that there is “a literal disruption in the energy flow.”

FasterEFT believes that is physically impossible because if an energy system is blocked it would also suggest there is something broken inside of us. That would mean a person who is feeling negative emotions will be trapped in negativity and be unable to feel anything positive. However, if for example a person feels anger towards something or someone but in the next moment feels happiness over something or someone else, that would only suggest that there is no blockage in the energy system.

“It is not a disruption but a creation. It’s about subconscious imprints recorded in the brain in childhood and our emotional attachments to what we have perceived.” – Robert Smith

There simply are no broken people in FasterEFT. It is just that we are all functioning in autopilot and are successfully producing and reproducing whatever it is we know based on how we have encoded it in our minds.

Every individual should take responsibility in empowering themselves and ensure that we take responsibility for everything we create in our lives. In knowing that you have all the power to create your own reality, only suggests that you have all the power to change and cure anything that is negatively affecting it.

We Are a Creation of That Which We Consider Real

The past is inexistent, what’s done is done. The only reason our pasts seems real to us is when we give rise to emotions and then direct these emotions to a previous event, our minds automatically recreates the reality. It will feel as if it exists and there to stay. When we continue to do this, the only reality a person lives in are actually re-creations based on the records held within the subconscious mind.

The reason we survive or fail, — thrive or suffer are all based on how we construe interpretations of our present moment through the filters of the mind based on recorded information from our past stored within the subconscious.

As humans our high intelligence allowed us to be highly skillful as well. These emotional, mental and physical disruptions commonly known as symptoms of disorders are not treated the same in FasterEFT compared to other healing modalities. These are treated as skillful creation of the subconscious mind. In other words, change the records held within the subconscious changes your perception and ultimately, you can guide it to healing and wellbeing instead of illnesses.

Stress Can Make It Seem Real

Our body’s reaction to any negative thought and emotions is stress. Because our mind and body are one, our negative thoughts giving rise to negative emotions finds a way to manifest in the physical body. Because of the body’s reaction to stress caused by negative thinking, we then consider it real and valid. Meaning, you can put your physical body in a happy state or a sad and stressed state using your mind, doing so, you will notice how your mind directs and make it seem real somewhere in in your body.

FasterEFT operates in the idea that you create these energies, they cannot be blocked and ultimately you can change how you feel and perceive the reality of pain, suffering and discomfort. The mind has boundless abilities to transform itself. Whatever thoughts we give rise to, our bodies naturally follow.

“You’re not broken, you’re doing something right. You’re successfully manifesting what you have been imprinted with. If you’re the creator of your memories, you can change your life by changing your memories.” – Robert G. Smith


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