Discover the True Meaning of Being Healthy

Many of us fall short in truly defining health. Often the meaning is perceived through the idea of nutrition and physical wellness. But being healthy is far more than exercising regularly, hitting the gym or having balanced nutrition.

Physical wellness is very important, yet health in the FasterEFT belief system is far more holistic, it involves being healthy in all aspects of life.

The true meaning of health is attaining the balance between physical, spiritual, psychological and social health. Faster EFT is a mind-body healing system which aims to provide techniques and knowledge on how we can properly manage our life to sustain health.

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Undeniably, losing weight, exercising and getting your muscles toned is a great way to be healthy. But those practices aren’t the only way to health. We have witnessed many people who are physically healthy but have a lengthy list of diseases.

Moreover, even physical health enthusiasts are often sufferers of illnesses. Turning vegan is great, but that does not support the overall structure of superstar health in one’s life.

There are many with outstanding physical bodies who suffer from mental issues. There are innumerable number of people who are great in maintaining a healthy diet with unhealthy relationships. This just makes it more important for us to redefine the meaning of health in our lives.

Health and Happiness Through Faster EFT

When we aim to be healthier it is very similar to saying that we want to be happier. What we mean is, health is an integral part of the overall structure of happiness in an individual’s life. In our pursuit of happiness comes the important role of a healthy body.

But how do you really achieve that? When was the last time you were truly, consciously happy without associating with your fears and life dramas?

Often, it isn’t until we hit rock bottom or only when our physical health is in challenge, before we begin to question what is causing us “dis – ease.” Logically speaking, attaining and maintaining health critically involves the mind and not only the bag of bones, flesh and blood that we call the body.

Faster EFT is a mind-body healing system that allows you to hack through the mind to keep important aspects of your life in perfect health. Doing so, you can collapse the structure of an illness from within its mental source. Health and happiness are part of a mental programming, more than it is a state of being.

If you reflect on the previous statement, it proves why your idea of health and happiness is always different from someone else you compare yourself with. Each individual in this planet holds a unique understanding of health and happiness.

Health is defined in Faster EFT as your body’s ability in allowing you to enjoy a happy life. It is a healing system that makes it possible for any individual to hack through the mind to produce wellness instead of illnesses. The power of FasterEFT has proven many times that an individual can influence the health of all bodily systems, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, excretory, muscular, etc.

The reason behind this is because FasterEFT can help your body recover from stress responses as well as activate mental healing from any illness or even speed up recovery from an injury using the power of the mind to heal the body.

By placing the body in a relax state through FasterEFT, you allow natural healing to take place.


Create the Life You Have Always Wanted

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Health: Correct the Source of the Problem, Not Just the Symptoms

It is very important for permanent or lasting healing to take place, not just by alleviating the symptoms. Chronic pain, wherever it may be found in the body, is not the source of the problem, but a symptom of a much deeper illness.

In FasterEFT an illness, a disorder or anything that causes a disease has its roots within the mind. For without a mental resource that produces the problem, it cannot manifest into physical form.

In other words, you can take the initiative to really change and transform the source of the problem and allow your mind to restructure your health. You can consciously win any battle against any illness or life’s problem. You have the power to be healthy and happy.

Optimizing Health: Memory Reimprinting

What makes you sick are the imprints of sickness that you hold valid and true within your mind. This is how illnesses and disorders come about into our physical life experience. The lack of understanding how these toxic belief systems affect our overall health is the forerunner in the manifestation of all kinds of illnesses.

To optimize your health in all aspects of living you need to let go of these imprints or memories. To let go means to consciously take charge of your life.

We operate from one imprint to another. How health and happiness is structured within the mind is similar to how illnesses are structured.

They take root from imprints of memories that have negative emotions attached to them. With memory reimprinting you can restructure and release the emotions carried by those memories to allow natural healing to take place.

Get started today and achieve lasting health and happiness.


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