When is a Disorder not a Disorder? Allow Faster EFT to Explain and Help

The word “disorder” implies there is something wrong – something is out of order; something is not working as it’s supposed to work. The truth is, each person is working perfectly according to the programming they carry in their subconscious.

While we have an idea of what “normal” is, based on what we have been taught, and we view deviations from this standard as abnormal, the truth is, each individual is functioning correctly – based on the data their subconscious is currently referring to.

If you organize a hard rock party, and your iPod is playing country music, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the iPod – it’s playing the music that it holds. In order to change the music you’re hearing, you need to replace the country music on the iPod with the rock music you want it to play.

It’s the same with most of the conditions labeled disorders. The individual is producing behaviors and thought processes that match the data they are carrying. And they are doing this perfectly. In perfect alignment with the programming. Change the original data, and the output changes automatically.

When is a Disorder not a Disorder

What Causes These Conditions?

All behaviors and ways of being are coping skills. Whatever the condition, it has developed as a result of the subconscious developing the skills that are designed to keep the individual safe and able to cope in the environment they find themselves in, based on their unique perception of that environment.

Disorders are not disorders – they are coping skills. Since skills can be relearned, this means that these conditions can be changed by changing the original data that deems these coping skills necessary.

Considering the human brain goes through most of its development between birth and the age of 7 years old, and the subconscious creates the majority of its references during these formative years, forming the foundation of what reality is, who the individual is, and how the world works, the structure of the brain will be significantly affected by the experiences of the individual during this period of time.

The data interpreted and filed by the subconscious during this time will determine the foundation of the individual’s perception – which will determine how they think, behave, and respond to triggers.

It’s Working Perfectly

If your iPod was loaded with rock songs, and it was playing country songs – that would be a “disorder”. But this is highly unlikely. The iPod plays whatever is loaded on it. The human being produces whatever it holds. Each individual is producing behaviors and thinking patterns based on the “truth” recorded in the subconscious. In order to change those results, you need to change the original records.

Pam Wright was diagnosed with bipolar disorder – following in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother, and other family members. The fact that other family members were diagnosed with the same condition may give the impression that it’s genetic. However, as we grow, we learn our coping skills from those around us. A person who is “bad with money” because their mother was bad with money has not inherited a “bad with money” gene. They have unconsciously picked up the skill of being bad with money from the person who raised them.

The doctor prescribed medication, but Pam chose a different route. Be sure to read the “Very Important” statement below before you make any decisions on your treatment!

Watch this video to hear Pam explain how she turned around this so-called “disorder” to live a life free from all symptoms of bipolar – without medication:

How to Address a “Disorder” using FasterEFT

Very Important:

First of all, and most importantly: FasterEFT is not intended as a replacement for medication or medical advice. Never come off your prescribed medication or other treatment without the assistance of your physician! Seeing your doctor is your first step. FasterEFT can be used in addition to whatever treatment you are currently using, so make sure you do not go against your doctor’s advice.

If you want to stop taking your medication, consult your doctor first, and follow their instructions. There is absolutely no need to stop your current treatment before starting to use FasterEFT!

The first step in addressing any condition is to recognize and accept that the answers lie within you, and you have the power to make the changes. Read the following article to learn how all problems are created, and how they can be addressed using FasterEFT: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

Take a moment to think about what bothers you most about your condition. What is it about this condition that has the biggest effect on you emotionally? Now, think back to when you first noticed this effect.

It may be that you didn’t notice it yourself, but that you were told about it by someone else, or that you’ve heard stories from others about how you first started to display these symptoms. You may also have heard stories about how relatives or others you know have experienced similar symptoms. We learn many of our coping skills from those around us, automatically and unconsciously.

Write down key words that represent each of the references you have that support this condition – make a note of one or two words that will remind you of all the memories that relate to the condition and your symptoms.

Then, start working your way through that list, addressing each memory, using the FasterEFT technique. Be sure to keep going until you have completely flipped the memory. To find out more details on flipping memories and why it’s crucial to your success, read: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT?

You may wish to consult a certified FasterEFT practitioner if you feel unsure of addressing the condition on your own. A practitioner will be able to guide you in the most effective route to making the changes you want to achieve.

Robert G. Smith explains the truth about “disorders” – what they are and how they work:

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