Does Your Mind have a Mind of its Own?

If you find it difficult to stop thinking thoughts that cause you to feel bad, or you find it a challenge to switch from a negative thought to a positive thought in the moment, you are not alone.


The majority of people have trouble controlling the activity of their minds.


For most people, the mind feels like a separate entity over which they have very little control.


However, it only seems this way because they haven’t learned to use their ability to take control over their conscious thoughts.

Does Your Mind Have a Mind of its Own

Whose Mind is It?

Although it may seem like your mind has a mind of its own, it really doesn’t.


You have the ability to take full control over your own mind; it’s just a case of learning how to do so.


Up until now, your mind has been running on auto-pilot.


But you can, at any time, switch to manual, and choose your own thoughts.


The fact that it has been on automatic all this time does not mean it has to stay that way. It is still your mind – no-one else can fit in there.

Why Your Mind Appears to Have a Mind of its Own

Since we are born into this world helpless and without many skills for survival, and since we are all born into different environments and circumstances, the human brain is designed to develop survival skills, coping mechanisms, and thriving strategies in the moment and automatically, as it grows.


This development will completely depend on the individual’s life experiences.


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For maximum efficiency, the brain is designed to record and automate most of these systems; this means your brain is more like a machine than a separate entity.


It is a machine that is running according to the current programming it contains.


Although the subconscious overrides the conscious mind since it is the subconscious that is in charge of ensuring our survival, the conscious mind can still access the subconscious controls in order to make changes to the automated programs.



How to Take Control of Your Thoughts

The first step is to realize, acknowledge and accept that your mind is yours, and that you can choose to take control.


The second step is to use FasterEFT to clear any beliefs that may be preventing you from being able to take complete control over your focus.


When you find yourself thinking and feeling something negative, and you feel unable to switch your focus, remind yourself – there’s no-one in there except you.


Although your subconscious is running the show, it is still your subconscious – you only need to learn how to work with it.

Using FasterEFT in the Moment to Take Control

When you can’t seem to get a negative thought out of your mind, notice the thought – notice how you know you can’t get it out of your mind, and how you feel – then use the FasterEFT Technique to clear not only the thought, but the original records your subconscious is referring to that provide the support for that way of thinking.



In Brief:

You are the pilot of a craft that is currently on auto-pilot.


There is no-one else in the cockpit except you; and you can at any time choose to take your craft off of auto-pilot and use your own manual controls to change the course of your journey.


The idea that your craft is being controlled by someone else is an illusion.


You can choose to leave the auto-pilot on, and go with the preprogramming – and wherever that may lead you by default – or you can choose to switch to manual control and create programming that will take you where you want to go.



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