I Don’t Have Any Happy Memories to Use in Faster EFT Tapping

If you are struggling to find a happy memory to use in the FasterEFT process, you’re not alone! For many people, when they look back, all they can remember is the bad stuff. You have happy memories, it’s just that you may be unable to access them right now because of the state your body and brain are in right now.

The great news is – you don’t need to recall a happy memory to use in the process, you can simply make one up. Your brain and body don’t know the difference between a real experience and your imagination; so, when you daydream about sitting on the beach – if you allow yourself to fully experience it in your mind – you will feel the feelings as if it was a real memory.


I Don't Have Any Happy Memories


Breaking the Trance


Creating a Happy Journal is an important part of what Robert Smith, founder of FasterEFT teaches. Get yourself a journal – even if you don’t think you have anything to put into it yet. Once you have it, whenever you’re feeling good or think of something good, write it into the journal. This is an essential part of becoming happier in your life.

In this moment, you may not be able to access any good memories – it may be difficult at first to even make up a good memory – you may find your conscious mind is arguing with you and insisting it’s not real, or you may just not be able to think of anything you’d like – there are several different ways of overcoming this:


  1. Watch or listen to some comedy. Fortunately, with YouTube, there is an endless supply of funny videos to watch. Start with your favorite stand-up comedian, or outtakes from your favorite TV show.


  1. Listen to music you enjoy – something that makes you feel good.


  1. Do something relaxing like take a bubble bath, go for a walk, meditate – something that will lift your mood.


  1. Imagine hugging a loved one or a pet.


Most Importantly:


Tap on the fact that you cannot even make up a good memory. Feel the feeling of not being able to think of one, and notice what’s happening in your head. Notice what you’re thinking – you may be thinking that it’s not possible, it’s not true, nothing good ever happens to you – whatever you’re thinking, notice it, and then address that thought or idea using FasterEFT. Keep repeating the process until the feeling has flipped.


If you still can’t think of anything good to use as a happy memory, use something else in place of the happy memory in the process – play music, sing, dance, do a few jumping jacks in between the rounds of tapping. Keep doing this until the memory or feeling flips. And then, try again to come up with a happy memory – even if you make it up. Keep going – you will clear the cloud that is currently preventing you from enjoying your happy memories, as long as you keep going until you achieve the results.


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