I Don’t Want to Think About the Bad Stuff

If you find that you have memories you don’t want to work on because you can’t bear to think about them, or you don’t want to revisit them, you may feel it is better to keep them pushed down. However, not thinking about them consciously does not mean they are not active.

The fact that you are choosing to not go there doesn’t mean you are not already there. It is not your conscious mind that is in charge; it is your subconscious – and your subconscious has access to all of your memories, whether your conscious mind is aware of them or not.

As Robert G. Smith says: “Memories buried alive never die. They just come back wearing a different pair of shoes!” All of the problems and issues you have in your life are the result of memories – most of which you are not consciously aware. In order to set yourself free from the effects of these bad memories permanently, you need to address them one last time.

But you don’t need to get into them deeply. You only need to know they’re there, and then use the FasterEFT technique to keep clearing until you flip them.

I Don't Want to Think About the Bad Stuff

Scared to Go There?

There are many different reasons why people don’t want to go to specific memories. One of the main reasons is that, since the brain and body don’t know the difference between reality and imagination, when you think of a memory you can still feel the emotions.

The connection in the neocortex of the brain causes the release of matching chemicals that produce the sensations we recognize as emotions and feelings. These sensations make the memory feel real, even though it is not at all real – it is no longer happening right now; it is only being replayed in the mind. It is the feelings that make it seem real in the moment.

Another common reason for not wanting to go to bad memories is the fear that replaying them will somehow attract or create that bad situation again. This concern is understandable since we do experience what we focus on.

The problem is that as long as that memory is still inside you – whether you are consciously thinking about it or not – it is effectively active and you might as well be thinking about it consciously. It will be affecting your life in ways you are not aware of, even though you are choosing to not consciously think about it.

How to Free Yourself

So, what do you do? The key is to remind yourself that in order to free yourself from that memory once and for all, you need to go there on last time. When you are cleaning something, you need to look at the dirt in order to clean it – you need to aim at it in order to make sure that you clean it all up.

Remind yourself also that even though it feels real, it is not happening right now. It is in the past, and the feelings are just your body’s chemical reaction to the memory.

In addition to this, you don’t need to sit in the memory. If it is too intense, simply notice how you know it is there without actually replaying the memory itself. How do you know you have this memory? Then tap on that feeling.

Tap on that until the intensity reduces and you are able to replay the memory without feeling so bad. Then, keep using the FasterEFT technique until you have reduced all of the bad feelings completely, and flipped the memory. Remember, it is essential that you flip the memory. You can find out how and why by reading: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT?

Remember that every problem and issue in your life is the result of memories you are holding in your subconscious. Even though you are not consciously thinking of them, they are affecting your choices, your feelings, your decisions, your focus, your actions, communication, the way you relate to others, your perception, your motivation, productivity, creativity, ability to see solutions, and everything else.

Make the effort to change your bad memories, and you will see an automatic transformation in all areas of your life – in ways you would never have expected.

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