Don’t We Need Our Fears to Keep Us Safe?

Can getting rid of your fears put you in more danger? This is a question that many people ask when they find out that FasterEFT can help them get rid of their fears. Their concern is that if they no longer feel the fear, they will have a tendency to put themselves at more risk.
Let’s look at what fear is, and what happens in the body and brain when we feel fear. The feeling of fear is the sensation caused by the body being flooded with stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol. When you feel fear, it’s the result of your body going into a fight-freeze-or-flight (emergency) state. During this state, the body prepares for physical danger, and prioritizes functions and systems necessary for fighting, running away, or pretending to be dead.

So, What’s Wrong with Fear?

Since all focus is on survival, any systems and functions that are not necessary for fighting, running away or pretending to be dead are minimized or shut down. One of the functions affected by this emergency state is cognitive thinking. Since problem solving is not a priority in an emergency, the activity in the frontal lobe of the brain is reduced, leaving instinct and impulse in charge. The primal, irrational amygdala (“reptilian brain”) takes over automatically.

The result of this is irrational, risk-taking behavior. Have you ever seen someone who is frightened of spiders react to seeing a spider that is nowhere near them? The fact is that fear can increase the risk of harm because it causes us to act without thinking.


Removing irrational fears does not remove your ability to assess genuine danger. In fact, it allows you to make safer, more intelligent choices since you are thinking more clearly. Removing your fear of spiders will not result in your picking up dangerous arachnids; it will simply result in your not screaming and throwing shoes at the window when you see a house spider on the window frame.

Removing your fear of heights will result in your being able to feel calm when you are in an airplane or on a mountain – which will enable you to maintain a realistic and logical sense of safety, as well as increasing your ability to correctly judge any risks and danger.

To learn how to clear your irrational fears, watch: FasterEFT Video 639

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