The Effects of FasterEFT on Children – Dominique’s Story

Since training as a FasterEFT Practitioner (Levels 1 and 2), Dominique has taught dozens of children and adults to use FasterEFT tapping, both in one-to-one sessions and in groups.


She has been able to help clients experience relief from a range of fears, phobias, and past traumas.


This is her experience using FasterEFT to help children –


“Children’s mental health has always been a cause close to my heart as I was originally introduced to EFT about 10 years ago when one of my children struggled with severe anxiety.

The psychotherapist (US trained) used EMDR as well as ‘Tapping’ and the results were immediate and long lasting.


My son became a Tapper and never looked back.


As a result of this, I looked into it more with a view of using it myself and started using EFT, albeit fairly irregularly. I trained as an NLP coach and practitioner 4 years ago but it was only when I came across Robert’s videos on YouTube that I felt that ‘This is what I’ve been looking for!’”


FasterEFT at School

I currently teach part-time in a primary school (ages 5 to 12). After completing the FasterEFT Level 1 Training course, with Robert G. Smith (founder of FasterEFT), I had a meeting with the head teacher of the school. We discussed how important emotional and mental health is in young children, and I explained to her how I felt teaching children to ‘Tap’ could empower them to deal with their emotions.

Our school is big on healthy living:  regular exercise, eating 5 a day etc. but the question was: what are we teaching children about emotional health? I feel strongly that giving children this tool is a very pro-active way for them to deal with a range of emotions.



Tapping in Class

After a meeting with the Year-6 teachers, it was decided I would teach all of them (3 classes of approx. 30) how to Tap!  The majority of children were happy to tap along, especially when I also showed them how they can tap without anyone else noticing (Mental Tapping). They were all given little cards with the tapping points to keep in their pencil cases as a reminder. For a few weeks, I had a 15-minute weekly lunch time session for those children who needed a reminder but then I left them to it.



Tapping Teachers

One of the teachers was especially keen as she’d personally benefited a lot from FasterEFT Tapping (I had taught her how to do it). She would remind the class to Tap if they felt nervous before a test etc. The whole year group went to an exhibition that was attended by huge crowds. Some children felt a little panicky and one had an asthma attack. She told me afterwards: “I just told the children to gather round as we needed to Tap. We all stood and Tapped and after that, everyone felt a lot calmer!” It really made me smile.




After 6 weeks, I asked the children for feedback. About two thirds of the children said they had found Tapping ‘quite useful’ or ‘very useful’. I asked them where and when they had used Tapping, and they said that they had Tapped in a variety of situations: before tests; when having trouble sleeping; before visits to the dentist; at sports and dance competitions; when worried about going to the High School; when irritated by their siblings etc. I also asked them if they had taught anyone else how to Tap and 80% (!) said they had taught a friend or relative how to Tap.



From Anxiety to Tourette-Type Symptoms

Colleagues are asking me more and more, to work ‘one-to-one’ with children. Before doing so, we ask for parental permission, even though I don’t Tap on them: They Tap on themselves as I want them to take control as soon as possible and feel empowered by the fact they are helping themselves and noticing the difference!I have worked with several children who have anxiety; a boy (9) who had Tourette type symptoms and couldn’t control himself from shouting out; a girl (8) who had a phobia of vomit; another girl (10) who put herself under too much pressure and was never happy with her work and in the last week of term; and an 11 -12-year-old who had severe stage fright and refused to take part in the school production – about half a day before the performance! I have made a difference with each and every one of them. Several parents have made a point of saying how grateful they are and what a difference it has made.



The Future of FasterEFT with Children

Senior Management have asked me to run a staff training session on FasterEFT Tapping; and I look forward to teaching many more children AND teachers how to Tap in the new academic year. Word has spread and I have been approached by other schools to deliver staff training on how to Tap – FasterEFT style, as there are literally 1000s of teachers out there who need this tool. I feel excited and privileged to be able to teach them how to take personal responsibility and relieve their stress.



About Dominique

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