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This is Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) and the biggest differences between EFT and Faster EFT are:

  • we have a complete understanding of how we have problems
  • we can make the changes in 1/5 the time of Traditional EFT
  • Faster EFT is a more complete process which does not have any psychological reversal. It works and it works quickly.
  • Traditional EFT says that you have a problem with your energy. Faster EFT says there are no broken people.

First of all, we think that everyone should be able to be helped. We have a YouTube channel with over 500 Videos, that you can watch for free. You can see Faster EFT in action for free 24 hours per day there. What it does not do though, is teach you how to do this to help yourself completely nor does it teach you how to help others using the Faster EFT tapping points and easier mechanics. If you want to invest in yourself to learn the whole system which works so well that Robert Smith, the creator of Faster EFT has been able to travel the world to help people, everywhere, with any problem they have. He has been able to help tens of thousands of people all over the world. He has trained a countless number of people how to use Faster EFT both in person and by creating EFT DVDs available for purchase to be delivered worldwide.

Robert Smith provides a variety of products which cover many teachings and topics, from tapping only to training and single presentations. You can buy a number of separate single New EFT DVD presentations for as little as only $23 on this product page.


If you were to recommend a first set of EFT DVD’s to own, which ones would you start with? What Topic?

The Mind of a Healer or Tapping Only Series are both great for lots of changes.

The Mind of a Healer will give you the foundation to understand how and why we have problems. We encourage you invest in both a Faster EFT DVD as well as face to face training as you can revisit each Faster EFT DVD again and again. Each time you come back to it you gain a deeper understanding. Even if you have a photographic memory, you can gain new insights every time you watch the EFT Dvds provided by Robert Smith.

The Tapping Only Series will give you a great source of over 20 hours of tapping on all sorts of problems.

Attending seminars, tapping retreats and training:

The hardest part of learning these techniques is shifting your perceptions of how and why you have problems and to make this understanding a part of your natural thinking. Attending seminars, tapping retreats and training is a hugely beneficial and enjoyable experience where you meet many like minded people who are there with the intention of healing their lives and the lives of their family, friends and neighbors all while moving forward in a positive way.

Repetition is the mother of all skills; Of course, you can repeat every day something that does not work and it will never teach you how to do it right. Get a EFT Dvd of your choice and watch the videos on YouTube again and again, Robert Smith is the Authority when it comes to Faster EFT so when you learn from him that is how you can gain insight and help yourself and others in a positive way. Re-watch the DVDs and tap along as often as you need to. It is also very beneficial to retake parts of the training. This is the reason we provide so many videos for free and we offer a big discount for retaking training levels. We want you to really take on board this Faster EFT understanding and to take it to your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else you meet.

The New Faster EFT is an evolution of EFT. Faster EFT is amazingly effective and works so fast. It is a truly remarkable process that we want to make available to everyone. We can change the world one person at a time.

Attend seminars and training in person: sign up for one of the upcoming events.

Invest in yourself. If you are interested in learning how to use Faster EFT to help people, Robert Smith has some really great training available. Think about Therapists, they spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to help people talk. You can learn something of greater value, a true way to really make a huge difference in your life and in the life of your loved ones, friends and people you are acquainted with.
If you would like to learn more about being Trained by Robert Smith, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years creating training material. You can either learn in person or with a home study course. Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to help people talk their problems out only to have to see another therapist who does the same thing. You could get Roberts Whole Course for so much less it is laughable. Go to the Faster EFT Training page to see his home study courses. Go here to find when his next in person seminar is where you can learn from him personally.

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