EFT Solutions: Tapping Your Way to Emotional Freedom

How do you forget a painful memory? How do you deal with powerful emotions that lock you in a self-destructive loop or drive you to hurt the people you love? Some people over-compensate. Tons of people develop dependence on alcohol or drugs. And some choose to repress the memories and become emotionally withdrawn.

On the other hand, there are those who seek counseling or explore alternative medicine. Some people believe that emotions are a key component to healing and health. This is where Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT solutions come in. EFT is popularly known as an energy healing technique that involves a set of simple tapping procedures on specific points of the human body.

The theory behind EFT is that the human body runs on an energy system of electrical impulses in the form of thoughts and feelings. Negative thought patterns and emotional experiences disrupt the energy system. Imbalances manifest as symptoms of physical illness, emotional dysfunction, or limited personal performance due to fear, anxiety, or stress. EFT begins with you focusing on an issue or problem. While tapping on points known as “energy meridians” such as the crown, eyebrow, side of and under the eye, chin, and collarbone, you repeat the affirmation, “Even though I have this (issue/problem), I deeply and completely accept myself.” Finally, you take a deep cleansing breath to end the session.

The Difference

The relief comes from a reduction of emotional intensity when thinking about a bad memory-the removal of negative emotions. While effective, traditional EFT tapping takes longer to work compared with modern EFT treatments, which can be done in 30 seconds. Modern EFT targets fewer tapping points, is less intrusive, and can be tapped at a flexible sequence.

Compared with the traditional EFT belief that negative emotions are caused by a disrupted energy system, Faster EFT practitioners like Robert Smith believe that the problems are created by the mind, and since the body follows the mind, the problems manifest in the body.

Faster EFT works in a simple way: you address the problem or issue by recognizing it, whether it is an emotion that can be articulated or a sensation in the body. You aim at the feelings, feel how strong it is, then, as you tap on the specified points, you repeat “Whatever it means or wherever it comes, I let it go”. You then take a deep breath and say “Peace”. The tabooing process is repeated until you break down the emotions you associate with the problem. For help on specific subjects such as grief recovery, fears and phobias, or weight loss, you can get a Faster EFT DVD and watch informative videos about this form of therapy.

Please watch this Free video from Robert Smith about why Faster EFT Tapping Points work:

Here is another free Video:
“Why You Have Problems AND The Solution – Faster EFT”

Please watch those two free Videos, they are Exerpts from DVD’s on Faster EFT by Robert Smith. You can purchase the full versions of his Videos here:
DVD’s on Faster EFT

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