EFT Tapping Points: Where It Feels Good the Most

A massage can heal the body physically, but who would have thought it can also heal the body emotionally? This is achieved through the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which consists of tapping points in the body to release negative energies. EFT shares the same idea as Chinese acupuncture; however, the former does not use needles. EFT training doctrine states tapping must be done by hand.

What areas of the body do EFT practitioners like Robert Smith target? What emotions do these pressure points signify? EFT doctrine follows a diagram that points out the nine essential pressure points. The EFT tapping points are as follows:

EFT tapping point: Karate chop

Below your pinky finger is a fleshy part called the karate chop point, named after its typical use in doing a karate chop. Applying pressure here can help people overcome grief and sorrow. It also helps people let go of other emotions that are heavy on the heart.

EFT tapping point: Top of head

The EFT practitioner applies a generous amount of pressure on the peak of your head, which is a vital point in the chakra system. It helps restore a person’s focus, allowing him to think more clearly with a revitalized mind.

EFT tapping point: Eyebrow

When applying pressure in the eyebrow, the pressure is aimed a little above the nose bridge. It helps calm people down, releasing their impatience and frustration about a particular matter. It also contributes to overall emotional recovery.

EFT tapping point: Side of eye

As the name suggests, this pressure point is located just beside the eyes. Rage does nothing good for a person, especially when he has to make decisions. Applying pressure on this point allows him to calm down and be more compassionate.

EFT tapping point: Under eye

When you want to think that everything will turn out all right, some pressure under the eyes may be ideal. It releases feelings of anxiety and nervousness while restoring calm.

EFT tapping point: Under nose

This pressure point is directly located in the philtrum, a small crevice just below your nose. As a person sometimes fears being embarrassed in front of his peers, light pressure on that point can release these fears.

EFT tapping point: Chin

The practitioner applies pressure under your lips when you’re not feeling very confident about a certain matter. Aside from releasing anxiety, it also negates any second thoughts about accomplishing a particular action.

EFT tapping point: Collar bone

Below the neck is the pressure point in the collar bone. If you feel stressed out by work or daily life, a simple amount of pressure will release those feelings.

EFT tapping point: Underarm

The location of this pressure point is just half a foot down the armpit. An EFT video would show you how pressure applied to this point can release feelings of insecurity and guilt.

Traditional EFT uses so many more tapping points, but the EFT tapping points Robert Smith Recommends are the following:

Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Cheekbone (Either side or both at same time),
then collarbone and then finally, just hold the wrist.

We invite you to watch the following Video Robert Smith has done, “Why I Tap This Way”, it will show you why he uses the EFT Tapping Points this way.

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