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The basics of Faster EFT is actually given away. There are over 500 free Faster EFT videos on YouTube with approaching 4 million video views. We provide you with the how-to’s, the belief system and demonstrations. We wanted to give Faster EFT videos to you because it will begin to change the world one person at a time, starting with you.

Watch this recent testimonial from Eric B. Robins, MD, Urologist and Surgeon as he talks about his use of EFT and NLP and Hypnosis in his practice. Knowing there were limits to these modalities he was always looking for something more. When he found faster EFT the videos “absolutely amazed” him. It really is “4 or 5 times faster than standard EFT” ….”it is extremely powerful work and I am just on fire with it”: http://youtu.be/IRPp3wt8Ykc

For the deeper understanding look at the extensive range of DVDs we offer by clicking here.

Don’t take our word for it, watch some of the many very powerful Faster EFT video testimonials coming from so many people who have had profound changes. Men and women of all ages and from across the world talk about releasing a huge range of emotional trauma, health issues and phobias and you can hear them talking about it in their own words.

Use what we teach, share with loved ones and others to help creative a healthier way of thinking.

Sign up on this site for a link to some key Faster EFT video footage and try this playlist on YouTube for a good introduction. Watch these New Faster EFT videos many times, take notes and tap until your arms fall off – become an expert with your inner self.

Take the next step and book a session with a Robert Smith himself or a fellow Faster EFT practitioner. As you can see from the many testimonials, this is a life changing moment, life long traumas can be gone in minutes.


Private Sessions

Robert works with clients from all over the world. All his private sessions are conducted in person, over the phone or by Skype.

Go to his website booking page, where you can book a session with Robert or one of his highly qualified Faster EFT Practitioners.


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