Directing Your Emotional Compass with FasterEFT

Every individual is equipped with an emotional compass, that part of us that has an inherent understanding of what feels good and what doesn’t.

An emotional compass is not always working on virtuous thoughts and emotions. It is simply an indicator of whether our emotions are perceived by the mind as worthy or unworthy, and accordingly triggers the responses of the body to be safe.

Directing Your Emotional Compass with FasterEFT

Faster EFT is a healing system with an understanding about how the mind works and how emotions are used to encode information in the brain. There are so many nuances about the exact definition of our emotional compass, that is delivered by FasterEFT and explains how it aligns to the Faster EFT Belief System.

What our emotional compasses do is provide proof that a current experience is good and safe, bad and dangerous or new and neutral. It is a mechanism used by the mind to indicate the level of reaction coming from subconscious or unconscious.

It is an indicator on how the programming mind should adopt to a given set of circumstances.

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An Emotional Compass Can be Calibrated

Since an emotional compass is an instrument or mechanism within the mind, it is subject to change. But why would someone want to change or calibrate their emotional compass?

Because an emotional compass is programmable in nature, it can be leaning towards a mental program that clings to feelings of being limited, unhappy, sickly and dependent. If so, an individual will feel a closer affinity and draw experiences that are leading exactly to where their emotional compass points them.

Sadly, because this mechanism is intrinsic we won’t be able to easily recognize if it is badly programmed. The reason for this lies in the fact that we are all functioning perfectly according to the memories that form the structure of our mindsets about how the world works.

So if someone’s emotional compass is pointed to emotions and thoughts leading more good things in their lives, it will surely bring good results and produce a better thinking system within their mind.


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Their emotions point them to attract more positive experiences, that means they are functioning with a healthy emotional compass. And you too can become that if you learn how to apply the Faster EFT techniques to transform your life.

An emotional compass is a pointer, but it can also be used to negatively program the mind. This is how most of us function inadvertently, not knowing that as we internalize negative feelings, we are creating those within our realities as well. Recalibrating your emotional compass is easy. It can be done when you feel bad, and you immediately tap on the negative feeling so that your reaction is a positive one, or a neutral one.

Emotions Power Your Memories and Thoughts

The reason an emotional compass has to work properly is because our emotions fuel our thoughts. Thoughts and memories are the basis of how the mind formulates a reaction about our experiences.

Meaning if you hold within your mind memories with emotions that are negatively charged, your reaction to anything that relates to it will definitely be negative in nature.

But if you hold within your mind positively charged memories and thoughts, you will react positively to your current experiences.

The best thing about it is that when you are in a constant good feeling state, more experiences that are positive in nature will come to you. You attract whatever it is you hold within. This is the basis of creation.

Transform Your Emotions – Transform Your Life with Faster EFT

Since emotions power thoughts, and thoughts becomes memories, and memories becomes the basis of how you view reality to formulate a mental and physical reaction, Faster EFT is the best mental healing process that you can utilize to re-orient your emotional compass.

It is a powerful system that allows positive changes to take place that has direct impact to your emotions. In times of great emotional instability, the FasterEFT Tapping Technique is an easy and actionable process that can re-calibrate your emotions and lead you to a better feeling state.

Faster EFT Tapping is an easy to follow, emotionally focused, transformation technique, guaranteed to make immediate changes that align you to achieve sustainable happiness.


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