Eutaptics and Memories: How to work on yourself


We get a lot of questions about how Eutaptics and Memories work. You can be tapping all day long, but it won’t change anything if you are not targeting specific memories. How do you know you have a problem? By looking at your current circumstances. Whether you’re in debt, suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, going through a loss or suffering from guilt – the root cause is all the same; your memories. Change your memory, and your present circumstances change as well.

The problem is, there are so many memories, which ones do you choose from? How do you know which memory to start working on? There is a simple, organized method for addressing all of the memories that are relevant to your current challenge – and using this method will mean that you may not even need to address some of these memories since they may have flipped before you even get to them.


Eutaptics and Memories: The structure of memories

The techniques used in the Eutaptics and memories training aim to de-mystify what memories are, how they are formed and how you can re-write them to remove the source of the pain. Whatever your problem may be right now, it’s only the effect. The cause is a part of a deep and complex structure buried within your subconscious mind. It’s like the foundation of a building, it supports the entire structure built above it. Your memories are the foundation, and your life experiences are the building built upon it.

These foundational structures that support your problems are built up of memories. The subconscious constructs foundations out of different memories. Very often the combination of memories may not make logical sense to the conscious mind. But the good news is, using the techniques in Eutaptics and Memories, you don’t have to make sense. You just have to be able to feel – does it feel good or does it feel bad.

It’s important to remember that the subconscious is not capable of logic or reasoning; it just stores all the information it gets through our senses as facts. It then creates the structures of problem based on experiences – connected by feelings – rather than on reason or logic. For example: When Kate was a little girl, she was playing in her backyard in a relaxed, playful mood. Suddenly, she gets startled just as a rabbit hops past her. This causes her body to react in shock, and her brain immediately releases huge doses of adrenaline and cortisol into her bloodstream. Thus, her subconscious mind associates a rabbit with physical harm. So now in adulthood, even though consciously she knows that a rabbit is not a physical threat to survival, the subconscious equates rabbits with fear.

So every time she sees a rabbit, her body goes into fight or flight and she starts to feel fear.


Where do I start?

Naturally, Kate’s conscious mind doesn’t remember the original incident, but the memory of it is stored in her subconscious as part of her survival system. Her conscious mind believes she has a weird phobia of rabbits, and so she simply does whatever she can to avoid coming into contact with them.

In addition to this, as a teenager, Kate witnesses a traumatic event as she sees her parents having a violent fight. And as she’s witnessing this event, her younger brother, Joel, walks in holding a stuffed rabbit. Her eyes catch the stuffed bunny in Jack’s arms and again, while her conscious mind doesn’t register the connection, her unconscious mind again connects the memory with the rest of the rabbit threat structure.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. So, trying to find and address each memory in that structure is an impossible task. The only way to effectively deconstruct the foundation of the problem, through the Eutaptics and Memories tapping is to address the earliest reference of how you know you have a problem. So, in the case of the rabbit phobia, Kate won’t remember the original incident, and she’s unlikely to connect any of the other memories to the problem; so, she starts with the earliest memory she can recall of feeling fear about a rabbit.

So, Kate begins to use Eutaptics tapping on that memory of her parents fighting. She taps on the fright she got when she saw the rabbit, she taps on the look of the rabbit, the expression on her parents’ faces, her feelings of sadness after the incident, and everything else that comes to her when she recalls this memory.

Through the use of Eutaptics and Memories tapping, the memory eventually flips, and the new memory shows her parents hugging each other just as Jack walks in hugging a toy rabbit. In this new memory, Kate doesn’t have the fight or flight reaction, but instead feels happy and peaceful as she sees her parents getting along. This is the new, flipped memory.

Now, as part of the entire structure, this memory will have been supporting other memories. Those may well change as it changes. Next, Kate goes back to the idea of rabbits. She imagines seeing a rabbit in front of her, and she can feel the fear. It’s not as strong as it was, but she can still feel it.

Now, as she continues to work on the fear of rabbits, more associated memories come up, that she continues to tap on. Persistence is the glue that holds this process together. So it’s important that you keep going.



Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

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