Fact: FasterEFT Can Help You Consciously Influence Your Health

With science and spirituality becoming more united in terms of delivering information about the power of the mind and how consciousness affects matter, FasterEFT brings about a more distinguished healing process that can answer this question:

Can we consciously influence our health?

The short answer is Yes. Every disease, whether it be visible or invisible, has its origin in the mind. The same is true of wellness. It has its origin in the very same place – the mind. Scientific studies have been conducted extensively about the power of consciousness over matter and reality, and these studies are at the core of the Faster EFT operating system.

The reason FasterEFT is at the summit of understanding health is because it is a process operating on two schools: science and spirituality. Robert Smith was able to understand the existence of the polarities on how these two schools approach health and wellness. The result of this understanding is what we now know as FasterEFT and its applied mechanics to deliver positive changes to our health.


The energy system is undeniable. It’s real but we can’t deny the existence of modern medicine either. If you have an illness that requires medical attention, then please go to a physician and get the treatment required. What we here at Faster EFT do is to encourage people use both science and spirituality to heal themselves. Many people have seen and experienced remarkable results using Faster EFT on yourself while taking a medical professional’s advice.

For example, if you have a cancerous tumor that needs to be taken out, you need surgery. You can use FasterEFT techniques to help you through the recuperation process and to help end the mental trauma from the illness. By applying Faster EFT techniques, you can recover faster and most importantly, reduce stress responses that may have been caused by the disease. Because of this you are unlikely to have cancer cell re-growth.

The FasterEFT system would like to help you change the mechanics of how physical illnesses operate in your mind. Robert Smith wishes for you to remember that your identity, the real you, is your spiritual self and not the disease or physical illness that your body is experiencing.

Like in the previous example, if you have cancer and you are done with your surgery or advanced medical and chemical therapies, you should no longer consider yourself as a cancer patient. The best thing to do in that case is to delete the structure of that thought and completely eradicate the imprint of the illness on your mind. In this way, there will be no source of its existence anymore.

Fact: FasterEFT Can Help You Consciously Influence Your Health

In other words, Faster EFT is the middle path to achieving sustainable happiness and health. Conventional medicine has its undeniable use, but the true power to influence your own health is not in the hands of your therapists or your doctors, it is within your mind.

Science proves that a shift in our consciousness and intention can impact our health. You may have heard of the Placebo Effect. It is an ancient science that’s just begun to be accepted and understood by modern science. The continuing studies on the placebo effect is proving that everything that we think we know about understanding pain, chronic illnesses and their effects is not even quantified yet.

But it’ll only work when the person’s unconscious is free from negative thought structures. The reason behind this is that placebo will hardly work its miraculous effects if the person’s unconscious is still not programmed to function in alignment to the desire.

You may have heard Robert Smith mention that, “The unconscious/subconscious is a Law of Attraction machine.” This is so true in so many levels. It is impossible to create a reality, from the smallest change to the biggest manifestation, if there is even a tiny bit of doubt.


That is why Faster EFT solves your health issues with its advanced understanding of modern science combined with perpetual wisdom of mind power. What you need to really understand is that everything has its origin in the mind. Unfortunately, we are not born with perfect minds, we need guidance and help in order to perfect our mental abilities to yield benefits and contribute to our overall health.

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