The Faster EFT 2016 Courses and Online Publications You Shouldn’t Miss

Faster EFT aims to always deliver only the best and Robert Smith understands that in order to fulfill that wish, Faster EFT knowledge needs to be available for everyone. Anyone interested to learn must have access to the treasured knowledge of Faster EFT at their own convenience.

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Faster EFT wish to educate people from overcoming simple to complex life dilemmas to becoming Faster EFT practitioners. Our community is actually a Family of Friends helping each other. Thank you for becoming a part of our rapidly growing global community of healers and ambassadors of health and wellness.

Faster EFT 2016 Courses and Online Publications You Shouldn’t Miss

The Following Faster EFT Courses are available designed not only to educate but ultimately to help:


Transform Your Life with FasterEFT

This course is designed to introduce you to the Faster EFT tapping style. It is the next step after the 7 Day Quickstart Course and the bridge to becoming a Level 1 Faster EFT Practitioner.


With over 9 hours of instructional and informational videos that will definitely help you learn more about:

  1. The Faster EFT Belief System
  2. How the Mind Works
  3. The Structure of Problems
  4. How to Release Problems Using faster EFT Tapping Style

Overcoming problems has never been easier. This course will teach you how to properly get rid of the problems and uproot their causes from deep within your mind.

Learn more about this course now!


Recover from Grief and Loss Through Faster EFT

Faster EFT offers the best life hacks to overcome death, divorce and other losses. Be educated on how to let go of the pain and sorrow and realign your life to that which brings joy and happiness.


It is designed exactly how to make transformational shift in your life away from the misery and pain with over 12 hours of online video materials and over 19 lessons. Robert threw in a single presentation focused only on Grief Recovery of more than 90 minutes.

Allow Faster EFT to get you out of grief and loss today!


Faster EFT Level 1 Practitioner Online Training

We understand that there are people who wish to be trained to practice but have time limitations to attend live trainings offered by Robert. For that reason, you can gain instant access to videos from the Level 1 training in Tweed Heads Australia


It is the New Style Training to become a Certified Faster EFT Practitioner. This online training will give you the liberty to watch the training videos anytime and anywhere you want.

Get the Level 1 Certification training here.

Faster EFT Courses are available designed not only to educate

FasterEFT Be Slimmer and Stay Slim Course

Be a part of the advance weight loss workshop that has helped plenty of people achieve their ideal weight. With over 25 hours of weight-loss specific videos, Robert will not only help you Be Slimmer and Stay Slim in no time but provide you with the knowledge on the root cause your attachment to food and how eating habits are formed.


This is a natural way of slimming by re-programming your mind. Through this course you will also gain access and learn the Faster EFT Belief System, How the Mind Works and The Structure of Problems.

Achieve your ideal weight now!


Faster EFT Home Study DVDs Levels 1 to 3

Get the Ultimate Training Course and get closer to becoming a Faster EFT Level 3 practitioner. This is not a shortcut to become a Level 3 Practitioner, this covers everything you need to know including the full lessons from Level 1 and Level 2 modules.


Enjoy learning about FasterEFT and be certified at the convenience of your own home at time most convenient for you!

Learn about the benefits and inclusions here.


Live Level 1 Training

If you prefer Live Trainings with Robert and directly learn from him in person, the Track A for the Level 1 Training is available. Learn about the Fundamentals of FasterEFT, Lessons Focusing on Personal Transformation and expect variety of important topics to included.


Of course there are requirements for Track A, you may go to this page to learn more, or you can email us directly at or use this contact page.



Faster EFT Building Self-Value and Confidence

Join Robert Smith for an exciting opportunity to transform and become a better you. Gain Access to this pre-recorded webinar and start making positive changes in your life today. Gain control over your life and take back control.

Get this course here.


There’s more and we regularly update lessons available online and offline through the following pages:

If you are very new to FasterEFT and has been an avid follower in YouTube and Social Media, we welcome you to the Faster EFT Family. Please get this 7 Day Quick Start Course and Start a Free Training to begin making impactful transformations in your life today!

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