The Faster EFT Architecture of Sustainable Happiness

Majority of the work of Robert Smith with Faster EFT over time has been focused mainly on building an effective architecture of happiness within our lives. All the courses, products and free videos that has been published by Faster EFT is aimed to liberate everyone from suffering – to eventually achieve happiness.

We all get happy, but are unable to sustain it. Often happiness is just a tiny episode in our daily life, when we sum up our whole day, the majority of it is still focused on stressful episodes, painful emotions and mental congestion.

The Faster EFT Architecture of Sustainable Happiness

Why is Faster EFT Focused in Happiness?

Because happiness yields immeasurable rewards. It aligns the mind, body and soul towards the significance of human existence. If you ask Robert, it is the power of changing one person at a time, as we transform as an individual, in the greater sense we transform into a happier society and we can reap the rewards as becoming a civilization working in harmony.

That is why Faster EFT wish to deliver all effective and proven wisdom about achieving happiness known to science and man. There is a great challenge in translating and delivering the wisdom of the past methodologies, like meridian tapping for example and memory reimprinting to the modern man. Not that there is a discrepancy in intelligence, it is just that there are so many choices of healing processes marketed out there that seems overwhelming and confusing.

Faster EFT’s methodology which is a combination of the essential and beneficial elements of the most effective processes for life transformations cut through noise. It delivered results that people never thought possible with speed and efficiency.

FasterEFT continuous with its promise, to build the most efficient and easy to understand architecture of sustainable happiness. Along with this Robert Smith through all the teachings, techniques and procedures he shares with FasterEFT wish to answer our common questions about happiness profoundly.

  1. How is happiness structured within the mind and how it affects our lives?
  2. What makes people happy and are there varying degrees?
  3. How to build a happier life and sustain it?

How Does Happiness Influence Our Lives?

Is happiness simply a state of feeling good? If you investigate on happiness on all found and known literature, present and ancient it will reveal that more than a state of feeling good, happiness is actually the key to building a peaceful communities and societies working in perfect harmony with their environment.

In other words, happiness can lead us to thrive because it encourages creativity and productivity. In the greater sense, a community with more happy people will definitely have greater social rewards and richer social relations.

What FasterEFT has found is that through application of the processes and techniques created by Robert in Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations, as people become happier and once they have completely liberated themselves from their past traumas, actual and imagined, they have better self-control since the Faster EFT process allows them to take full control of their mind, structure their mental behavior that influence their actions and perceptions.

Robert’s longitudinal studies through on going documentation of people who applied Faster EFT and religiously practiced the process attempts to increase long term-happiness of practitioners. The rapidly increasing videos of testimonials even after years from being acquainted to the practice of the FasterEFT process evidently exhibits positive outcomes including physical health, altruistic behavior, work performance and compassion.

Because Faster EFT has a global reach it continues to investigate whether positive individual transformations will eventually propagate across communities and societies. It is notable thought that Faster EFT was able to improve more physical movements to people who learned how to be more intrinsically motivated to exercise and greater social interactions to those who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Faster EFT Architecture of Sustainable Happiness

The FasterEFT Architecture of Sustainable Happiness

Faster EFT although a complete mature process continuous to evolve to deliver more efficient techniques. The architecture of sustainable happiness in Faster EFT has its foundations within eternal universal laws. This is a mental universe and we believe that the origin of good and bad, is within the mind.

As we continue to explore the thoughts and behaviors of the human mind, we stand firm in the belief in what truly characterizes a happy person is based on the collective memories of an individual from birth and how the mind utilizes these memories to be the basis of behavior within the present moment.

Happiness is structured in the mind, it can be nurtured, achieved and sustained. To this point, everyone who has applied Faster EFT are living proof that happiness can be a consistent part of how we think, function and live daily life.

The interventions and processes that comprise the architecture for sustainable happiness in FasterEFT includes:

  1. Keeping a happy journal.
  2. Engaging in Faster EFT tapping process that helps regulate thought patterns through collapsing negative structure based from previous negative experiences.
  3. Engaging in Faster EFT tapping process that helps regulate stress responses of the body using Meridian Tapping Points.
  4. Generate compassion not only for people around but most importantly to self.
  5. Practicing affirmations but only once negative structure has been collapsed through Faster EFT Tapping Style and memory flipping. Otherwise rise of new negative emotions and thoughts will not make affirmations work.
  6. Savoring new experiences through positive filters created in the mind. In other words, looking and perceiving how the world works through a brand-new point of view.

The points in the above list are among the top 5 that creates impact in making positive life transformations across cultures.

Faster EFT is a Process that Promotes Happiness Outside Hedonic Adaptation

Hedonic treadmill or hedonic adaptation is a theory that explains the known tendency of humans through observation that happiness is relative despite positive or negative life changes. In other words, it means, that no matter how much you gain, your desires and expectations about life also increase which results never feeling satisfied or fulfilled.

FasterEFT operates outside hedonic adaptation, at the core of FasterEFT is the belief that the human mind is trainable, wants, desires and goals are relative to the individual’s mind. Nonetheless, in order to sustain happiness in one’s life it is important to train the mind to get rid of severe attachment to material things and shift the focus on strengthening the mind and learning to let go all the time.

Also, it is very notable in Faster EFT process and techniques that it is important that we keep the mind healthy with new aspirations in life through keeping a journal or visualizing a happy place.

We are the only healing modality that has a complete design of interventions to significantly uplift people who are suffering from anxiety and depression, reduce anxiety and even eliminate moderate to severe traumatic stress responses.

Start Building Sustainable Happiness in Your Life Today

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